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with fond memories of her childhood in Folkingham, died aged 79 in Nice and is buried in the cemetery in Cimiez.
It seems that through this century the people who lived in the Manor assumed greater importance than the building itself and there is little recorded mention of it through this period.
The trustees for the young Gilbert Heathcote, fresh from Westminster School, acquired Folkingham Manor in 1788. Gilbert, who was the 4th Baronet, belonged to a notable family, which had been ennobled in recognition of his grandfather’s service to the City of London where he had served as Lord Mayor, founder member and Governor of the Bank of England and as a Director of the East India Company.
Sir Gilbert was to have a major and lasting influence on Folkingham and developed it into a prosperous Georgian market town with a stage coach stopping point on the route between London and Lincoln. Today’s Folkingham is a testament to his endeavours with the wide Market Place leading up to the grand façade of the Greyhound Inn with its Assembly Room or Ballroom cum 5