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The Bishop of Lincoln again held an opening service Oct. 29th  1860
The same time was a new pulpit reading desk and lectern.
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This Register was bought for the Parish of Falkingham March 25th 1709.
The Revd Thos. Ixem, Rector. William Lary, Robert Essam, Edward Kitchin & William Bardney being Church Wardens.
1846 – The Organ was presented to the Parishioners of Falkingham by Mr. Matthew Newham of Uppingham, a native of this place. Opened on Christmas Day 1846.

(Page facing 1st page of Baptisms)Nothing ought be lost belonging to the Church of Falkingham or any Church and whatsoever many people have like ……..(illegible)
Memorandum January 20th 1750
If any newcomer settle in this town of Falkingham with their families, the master of the said family is to pay six shillings and eight pence for his first breaking up of the ground in the Churchyard which is the Clergyman’s freehold which is taking up his burying place – forever after. The Rector or Curate of the said Parish is to bury his dead corpse for nothing in lieu of the said six shillings and eight pence. The above payment has been customary in this Parish in Mr Brocklesby’s time, in Mr Ixem’s time & in Mr Toller’s time & in Dr Murray’s time & my time – Isaac Cookson-Curate of Falkingham. And if the said master of a family reside in this town of Falkingham should bury ten or twenty more of his family & his successors after time being all resident in the town so as to gain a settlement, this said resident corpse be buried for nothing in consideration of the said six shillings & eight pence before mentioned. The above mentioned fee or due has been paid time out of mind & a legal due to the Church of Falkingham – six shillings and eight pence for burying a stranger not resident here.
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The Revd Isaac Cookson Senr Vicar of the Parishes of Osbournby, Helpringham A Walcott in the County of Lincoln was some years Curate of this Parish. Also the Revd Isaac Cookson Jnr L.L.B. – Vicar of Walcott served this Church for a few years.
Rev. T.H. Rawnsley – Rector died 1861 aged 71  Rev. C Ellershaw 1809
(Curates) Rev. C Day 1820;  Rev. C Hodgson 1827;   Rev. John Wilson  1833;  Rev. Lillant  1840;  Rev. Rowsley  1841;  Rev. Wm. Charles Inman  1842;  Rev. Wm. Hirst Simpson  1845;  Rev. J Bramheld  1855;  Rev. Warren  1856;  Rev. H Spurrier  1858;  Rev. Geo. Carter  1860.

Register of Baptisms/Burials 1763-1812 PAR /1/5
(Page facing 1st page of Baptisms)
1763 – Accounts of the Rectors and Curates since 1754, Falkingham Register Book 1754
Falkingham Register Book 1763
The Revd Mr Isaac Cookson Senr  Curate of Falkingham upwards of 28 years.
Rev. Dr Murray Rector 1752
Rev. Mr Fountaine Rector 1781
Rev. John Moore Brooke A.M. Rector 1787
Rectors – Lot Maile 1624, Abraham Page 1662, Richard Brocklesby 1686, Thomas Ixem 1703, Richard Toller 1721.
Nos umbra et pulvis sumus. Mors Ianva vite
The Revd John Moore Brooke A.M. Rector 1787.      Sibimet omnibus Deu sempor adsit
The Revd William Tait D.D. Rector 1799
Rev. J.H. Rawnsley 1814