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G2 Cherished/Memories/of/LILIAN SARAH/FLETCHER/a dearly loved wife and friend/born  13th Aug.1935/died 10th Dec. 2002/ ‘Gone but not forgotten.’            (Black Marble with flower holder attached)
G3 In Loving Memory/of/KENNETH ARTHUR/CURTIS/born 3rd March 1926/died 29th June  2003/ ‘Now at rest.’/and his wife/LILIAN GWENDOLAN/born 19th June 1918/died 16th  August 2003/ ‘Together again.’                     (Black Marble on very wide plinth with triple flower holders attached)
G4 Bench – In loving Memory of HILDA and KEN/OLIVE
G5 In Loving Memory of/ALBERT WILLIAM/PELL/born 18th March 1935/died 2nd June 2003/  ‘A loving brother sadly missed.’     (Grey Marble with flower holder attached)
G6 Treasured/Memories of/VIOLET DOREEN SAINT/died 14th September 2003/aged 87 years/  and her husband/WILLIAM CHARLES SAINT/died 5th May 1998/aged 85 years        (Grey Marble on plinth with flower holder attached)
G7 JAYSON LOWE/13.3.1967 – 21.4.2004                 (Wooden Cross with granite flower holder at foot – In/Loving/Memory)
G8 GABRIEL/MARK/GREENHALGH/-BEAMSON/12.04.2004     (Small kerb plot with broken wood surround, broken child in prayer on open book. Black  Marble stone with chequered flag atop left)
G9 Wonderful Memories of/PERCY JOHN HERBERT/a very special husband/dad and grand- dad/died 20th August 2006/aged 71 years                     (White Marble on plinth with flower holder attached)

G10 In Loving Memory of/(left) KENNETH OLIVE/a loving husband/father, grandfather/ & great  grandfather/who fell asleep/16th Dec. 2005/aged 85 years/ (right) HILDA OLIVE/a loving  wife/mother, nan/and great nan/who fell asleep/27th July 2007/aged 83 years   (Grey Marble engraved as an open book with double flower holders attached and set in square  kerb plot with black railings surrounding)
Unmarked grave with flower holder – In Loving Memory of/Daddy
G11  JOHN DAWSON/1919-2005/ ‘Rest in Peace.’              (Grey Marble with flower holder attached -gravestone facing west)
G12 ROY BATES/died 12th April 2006/aged 73 years      (Small plaque on wooden marker)
G13 In Loving Memory of/DOROTHY ROSE/HEATHCOTE/14th March 1930/-17th November  2006/ ‘Forever in our hearts.’     (Black Marble on plinth with double flower holder)
G14 In Loving Memory/of/ELIZABETH ANN/HIBBARD/15.7.1936. – 22.7.2006./ ‘Always in  our thoughts.’                 (Grey Marble)
G15 ARTHUR/JOSEPH HENRY/HYNES/husband of DOREEN/23rd June 1919 - 15th January  2009/ ‘Requiescat in Pace.’          (White Marble on double plinth)
Unmarked grave.
G16 GEORGE ERNEST ROUSE/1-6-1937 to 1-11-2008/ ‘Rest in Peace.’ (On Wooden Cross)  (Open book at foot) (left) ‘Special husband.’ (right) ‘Our love is/forever/and although/we are  apart/it only groes stronger/deep within/my heart.’  
G17 In/Loving Memory/of/JOYCE MARIE/HOWARD-LEECH/born 2nd February 1917/died 14th  November 2007/formerly of Manor House, Folkingham/and wife of/JOHN HOWARD- LEECH/1902-1984/also buried in this churchyard/fondly remembered by/Peter Sanderson/  her family and friends              (Grey Marble on plinth)
G18 In/Loving Memory/of/JENNY BELL/born 2nd September 1912/died 15th May 2007/beloved  wife of/FREDERICK SYDNEY BELL/born 31st March 1913/died 23rd December 1976        (White Marble on plinth with flower holder attached)
G19 Wooden Cross at foot – Grey Marble on plinth with Royal Artillery insignia atop   (left) Treasured Memories/of/TONY MARTIN WILSON/a dearly loved husband/dad &  granddad/14.10.1937 – 4.3.2010/ ‘Your presence we miss/your memories we treasure/loving  you always/forgetting you never. (right) ‘Your life was full/of loving care/whenever needed/  you were there./The precious times/we shared together/will keep you close/to me forever.
Unmarked grave
G20 Treasured Memories of/my loving husband/ERIC THURLBY/17th August 1929/-21st  December 2001       (Black Marble on plinth with R.A.F. insignia atop)
G21 ARTHUR POOLEY/died 1st May 2002/aged 78 years/FREDA POOLEY/died 31st July 2000/  aged 85 years/ ‘Reunited.’            (Grey Marble with twin flower holders)
Unmarked grave with flower holder ‘In Loving Memory.’
G22 Precious Memories/of/DAVID INNOCENT/a dear husband and father/died 28th June  2002/aged 61 years    (Grey Marble on plinth with flower holder attached)
G23 JOSEF B. LOBERT/died 4th August 2011/aged 84 years          (Wooden Cross)
G24 In/Loving Memory of/SAM/BARTHORPE/died 3rd Oct. 1995/aged 81 years/ ‘Rest in Peace.’                    (Granite with flower holder attached)
G25 In/Memory of/BERTHA HELEN/HUTSON/born 23rd June 1905/Johannesburg/died 16th  Oct. 1998/Folkingham/R.I.P.            (Granite)
G26 MICHAEL SMYTH/1928 – 2002/ ‘Always in our thoughts/forever in our hearts.’              (Grey Marble with fisherman engraved bottom R corner, twin flower holders attached)
G27 Treasured Memories/of/’BUNNY’/CAROL WINSTON ROUSE/a devoted husband/a very  special dad and granddad/who passed away 31st August 2005/aged 64 years                  (Grey Marble with twin flower holders)
Unmarked grave
G28 In Loving Memory of/PHYLLIS MARY HOWES/died 17th February 2005/aged 75 years/  Also her dear husband/VICTOR GEORGE HOWES/died 18th November 2004/aged 82 years/  ‘Always in our thoughts/forever in our hearts.’                  (Black Marble with twin flower holders attached)
G29 Tree dedicated – In Loving Memory of/PHYLLIS ARNOLD/mother of Brenda, Ann &  Geraldine
G30 In/Loving Memory of/a dear husband dad/and granddad/ALBERT WILLIAM/CLIFF/born 19.11.1924/died 13.9.2001/’Dearly loved, sadly missed.’                (Black Marble with twin flower holders) [Far west of section]