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F71 Sacred/to the Memory of/JAMES DAWSON/who departed this life/December 31st 1821/in  the 64th year of/his age/ Sacred also/to the Memory of/CATHERINE, wife of the above/  JAMES DAWSON/who died June 22nd 1841/aged 78 years/ ‘Ye know not what shalt be on  the morrow/for what is your life: It is even a vapour/that appeareth for a little time and then/  vanisheth away.’         (Grey Slate)
F72 Sacred/to the Memory of/ELMUTT SYSON/son of/THOMAS & REBECCA/CLIFTON/who  died March 13th 1847/aged 2 years & 6 months/ Also of/JANE RIGGALL/their daughter/who  died Nov. 24th 1846/an infant/ ‘Mourn not their flesh, their early doom/but chase your tears  away/these lovely flowers are gone to bloom/in everlasting days.’             (Small Slate)  
F73 (Left) THOMAS/WILLIAM/REYNOLDS/aged 70 / Loving husband/of MARY/and father/of  JOHN/died 25th/Sept.1977/(Right) MARY/PHILOMENA/BRITTAIN/formerly/REYNOLDS  /1910-2000.          (White Marble open book)
F74 In Loving/Memory of/a dear husband/father, granddad/DAVID/HARESIGN/BREWIN/died/  25th June 1977/aged 64 years/ ‘Dearly beloved and/sadly missed.’/and his beloved wife/  CYNTHIA JANE/died 31st May 1976/aged 65 years/ ‘Reunited.’                        (Granite with flower holder attached)
F75 Loving Memory/REG BATES/died 4th Jan. 1974/and his son/GERRY/died 26th April 1998/  aged 64 years/ ‘Always in our thoughts.’                (Stone set in ground)
F76 (Left) GEORGE/WEST/SMITH/ 1910-1980 / (Right) KATHLEEN/FLORENCE/SMITH/  1906-1983.             (Grey Marble open book)

F77 Sacred/to the Memory of/JOHN WILEMAN/who departed this life/December 21st 1839/aged 70 years/ MARY, relict of/JOHN WILEMAN/died October 7th 1851/in the 86th year of her  age/ ‘Thy purpose Lord we cannot see/but all is well that’s done by thee/boast not thyself of  tomorrow for thou/knowest not what a day may bring forth.             (Large Slate)
F78 Sacred/ (Left) To/the Memory/of ANDREW CORNEY/who departed this life/May 27th/1828/  aged 79 years/ ‘Why all this toil for triumphs/of an hour. Earth’s highest station/ends in ‘Here  he lies.’ (Right) To/the Memory of/MARY, wife of/ANDREW/CORNEY/who departed this  life/March 17th/1821/aged 62 years/ ‘To live is a gift, to die is a debt/this life is only a prelude  to Eternity.’         (Large Grey Slate)
F79 In Memory of/JOHN JAMES/infant son of/THOMAS & SARAH/DAWSON/who died 17th  June 1830                 (Small Slate)
F80 To the Memory of/CONSTANCE the wife of/JAMES MARTIN/who died Sept. 25th 1787/  aged 33 years/ Also/MARY their daughter/who died Dec. 16th 1802/aged 19 years/ ‘Friends  murmer not I you exhort./In faith and hope be strong./The troubles of this life are short./  Eternity is long.’              (Slate)
F81 In Memory of/JAMES COLLEY/who departed this life/December 9th 1781/aged 62 years/  Also ANN his widow who/died Aug. 17th 1790 aged 69 years.          (Ornate Slate)
Large eroded illegible stone
F82 In/Loving Memory of/JOYCE MAY KING/1921-1987/and/FREDERICK KING/1916-1995/  ‘Reunited.’             (Small Stone and flower holder)
F83 Sacred /to the Memory of/WILL RICHARDSON/who departed this life/January 21st 1817/  aged 54 years/ ‘He was one that lived in virtues ways./True and faithful all his days./A good  husband and a neighbour kind/and he no doubt eternal joy will find.’          (Slate)
F84 Sacred/to the Memory of/WILLIAM TOW/who died August 8th 1838/aged 61 years/ Also  ELNR [Eleanor] his wife/died Aug. 9th 1829 aged 56 years          (Slate)
F85 In/Memory of/JANE, the wife of/JOHN ELSTONE/who died August 7th 1833/aged 52 years/  ‘Happy Lord thy days are ended./All thy mourning days below./Go my angel onward attended  /To the light of Jesus, go.’                   (Large Slate)
F86 Sacred/to the Memory of/MARY, the wife of/JOHN BURRUS/who departed this life/April  21st 1810/aged 56 years/ ‘Here lies the only comfort of my life/who to her husband was a  loving wife,/the best of mothers to her children dear./Such was the woman now resteth here,/  but since she’s gone no joy I here shall have,/till laid by her within the silent grave./There we  shall rest and quietly remain/till God is pleased we meet in heaven again.’          (Slate)
F87 In/Loving Memory of/ANNIE JANE/ANDREW/1910-1982/ Also her husband/GEORGE  REGINALD/ANDREW/1911-1995/ ‘Reunited.’            (White Marble)
F88 FRANK MOSS/born at Folkingham/11th Dec. 1899/died 17th April 1974/a dear husband and  father/ ‘Always Remembered.’       (Thick Granite slab)
F89 In/Loving Memory/of/PERCY EDWARD BRIGGS/died 24th July 1975/aged 62/ ‘At Rest.’                 (Black Marble)
F90 (Left) Treasured/Memories of/WINIFRED/LOCK/a dear mother/and grandmother/died 14th  Feb. 1983/aged 74 / (Right) Also/ALEXANDER/LOCK/beloved father/and grandfather/died/  28th Feb. 1983/aged 80/ ‘Together.’      (White Marble open book-flower holder attached)
F91 JEROMY CECIL/TURNER/1937 to 2007/Esse quam videre/ ‘Rest in Peace.’ (Large Granite)
F92 In/Fondest Memory of/RONALD/EDWARD STREATFIELD/TURNER/1905-1981/and his  wife PEGGY/EVELYN FRANCES/TURNER/1908-1984/Esse quam videre       (Stone)
Small stone under trees to the above Ronald Edward Streatfield Turner
F93 NORA AMY KING/died 15th February 2008/aged 92 years         (Wooden Cross)
F94 ARTHUR/KING/1909-1982              (Flower holder)
F95 In Loving Memory of/a dear father & grandfather/CECIL HOLMES/died 7th Jan.1984/aged  79 years            (White Marble open book-flower holder)
F96 In Memory of/SOPHIA ROBERTS/who died Dec. 11th 1825/an infant/ Also of/JAMES  ROBERTS/who died July 11th 1826/an infant/ ‘Of such are the Kingdom of God,’                             (Small Slate)
F97 In/Memory of/CATHERINE BEDFORD/who after a long and painful/illness, departed this  life/Oct. 29th 1804/aged 35 years/ ‘Cease my friends your lamentations/boundless mercy set  me free/I hope in Christ I’ve found Salvation/’tis my Saviour bleeds for me.’          (Slate)
F98 In Memory of/ELIZABETH, daughter/of WILLIAM & ELIZTH DREWRY/she died Dec. 17th  1772/aged 21 years all but 10 hours/on the right side lieth/WILLIAM NEWZAM, son of/  WILLIAM & MARY DREWRY/he died August 13th 1773/aged 9 years & 11 months/on the  left lieth DANIEL/their son, he died March 11th 1776 aged 10 years.            (Slate)
F99 Sacred/to the Memory of/MARY, the wife of/JOHN DARMON/who departed this life/  September 5th 1845/aged 66 years/ ‘Jesus alone from sin can save/and give us victory o’er the  grave/ Also of/JOHN DARMON/who departed this life/September 22nd 1866/aged 79 years                             (Slate)
F100 To/the Memory of/JOHN BEDFORD/who died Jan. 23rd 1794/aged 56 years/ Also six of his  children who/died in their infancy                (Slate)
F101 In Loving Memory/of/CLARA BEATRICE/(KITTY) WRIGHT/1907-1988/ ‘At Rest.’/with/  her beloved husband/GEORGE HUBERT/WRIGHT/1905-1992             (Slate)
F102 LAURIE CAMPBELL/CANDLISH/1922-2006/Architect and Fisherman/Much loved                    (Slate)
F103 In/Loving Memory of/ROY SAMUEL/TUXWORTH/born 1st April 1916/died 15th October  2005/ ‘A true Gentleman.’                  (Slate)
F104 Treasured/Memories of/a beloved/husband and father/PHILIP GEORGE/TUXWORTH/born  1st December 1918/died 9th September 1989/ ‘Loved and Remembered.’            (Slate)
F105 In/Loving Memory/of/RICHARD KIME/1912-1984/ ‘At Rest.’/ Also his wife/GRACE/  21.4.1911 – 18.7.1994/ ‘Reunited and at Peace.’           (Grey Marble on plinth)
F106 In/Loving Memory/of ALICE CHAPMAN/died Sept. 19th 1986/aged 68/and her beloved  husband/LESLIE CHAPMAN/died Nov. 8th 1991/aged 74/ ‘Forever in our thoughts.’             (Granite on plinth)
F107 Remembered with Love/DAVID HARE/RUTT/1931-1992/Historian, Printer/Calligrapher/ A  Gentleman             (Black Marble with anchor atop)
F108 Treasured Memories/of PETER FRANK MILLER/Farmer/who fell asleep August 9th 2003/  aged 80 years              (Black Marble on plinth)
F109 In/Loving Memory of/TREVOR/TALTON/1945-1992/ ‘Always in our thoughts.’              (Granite on plinth)
F110 Remembered/with/Love and Affection/NORMA PAULINE/TALTON/born 6th Nov.1930/  died 1st Jan. 2000             (Granite)
F111 TOM/MANTON/died 1st March 1994/aged 91 years/ ‘Remembered with a smile.’    (Granite)
F112 In/Affectionate Remembrance/of/ADA MARY TALTON/born 11th Dec.1900/died 23rd Sept.  1997/wife of/JAMES WILFRED TALTON/born 18th May 1901/died 23rd Nov. 1985/  ‘Together again.’           (Granite on double plinth)

G – North West-New Section.
G1 Treasured Memories/of/FREDERICK CHARLES/BENNETT/a dear husband, dad/and gran- dad/24th March 1922 – 27th Feb. 2002                   (Black Marble R.A.F. insignia in gold atop with flower holder attached)