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F27 In/Loving Memory of/EDNA MARGARET/HOLMES/died 31st March 1996/ ‘She lived for  those she loved/and those she loved remember.’          (Grey Marble on plinth- church window with cross engraved top left-flower holder attached)
F28 In/Loving Memory of/JOSEPH WILLIAM ROBERTS/died 6th April 1939/aged 67 years/  Also of RUTH his beloved wife/died 10th Nov. 1934/aged 64 years/ ‘Reunited.’                (Broken Granite square kerb plot covered in ivy)
F29 In/Loving Memory of/JOSEPH OLIVE/died 21st Oct 1937/aged 78 years/ Also ANNIE  OLIVE/his beloved wife/died 28th Dec. 1946/aged 82 years  (Granite in square kerb plot)
F30 In/Loving Memory/of/HENRY JAMES ROSE/born 12th Feb.1858/died 30th Jan.1946/ Also  MARY ANN ROSE/wife of the above/died 3rd Feb. 1942/aged 76 years/ ‘At Rest.’                     (Red Marble)
F31 In Loving Memory of/MIRIAM/the beloved wife of/ALFRED BARBER/who died 7th June  1944/aged 61 years/ ‘Peace Perfect Peace.’/ Also of ALFRED the above/and also/the beloved  husband of/HILDA BARBER/who died 5th May 1960/aged 81 years/ ‘God bless you.’         (Granite with leaves carved down right side)
F32 In/Loving Memory/of/ELIZABETH/the beloved wife of/JAMES T WEBBER/born Oct.23rd  1853/died Oct. 23rd 1937/ ‘Peace Perfect Peace.’/ Also of JAMES T WEBBER/died Dec. 5th  1940/aged 82 years/ ‘Reunited.’              (Large Granite flat on ground)
F33 In Loving Memory of (Left) A devoted wife/and mother/EDITH MARY/REDSHAW/who  died /13th May 1983/aged 86 years/ ‘At Peace.’ (Right) a beloved husband/and father/  THOMAS/ REDSHAW/who died/8th Sept. 1959/aged 72 years/ ‘Remembrance.’              (White Marble open book on plinth with flower holder attached)
Large Stone eroded and illegible
F34 (North) In Loving Memory of JENNIE wife of HORACE died 25th March 1997 aged 82 years  (South) Also HORACE GOODWIN died 10th July 1967 aged 56 years ‘Peace after pain.’                  (Large white Marble kerb plot)
F35 In/Loving Memory of/FRANCES ALICE/beloved wife of/JOHN A H BREWIN/died 23rd  Feb. 1938/aged 62 years/ Also/JOHN AARON HARESIGN BREWIN/died 16th June  1962/aged 83.               (Headstone in centre of kerb plot with flower holder attached)
F36 In/Loving Memory of/DONALD ALAN/WOODWARD/who died/1st August 1959/aged 212  years/ ‘He shalt gather his/chosen flowers unto him.’                  (Small Granite Scroll)
F37 Treasured/Memories of/GEORGE CECIL PILE/a dear husband/and father/died 26th March  1982/aged 90/ Also/DORIS PILE/a beloved wife/and mother/died 27th Nov. 1988/aged 91        (Black Marble with flower holder attached)
F38 In/Loving Memory of/FREDERICK/WILLIAM/COLEMAN/died 14th Aug. 2000/aged 83  years          (Black Marble slab set in ground) [cremation]
F39 Sacred/to the Memory of/ELIZABETH, wife of/JOHN HARMSTON/who departed this  life/July 29th 1848/aged 64 years/ ‘Dear husband weep no more/nor children shed a tear/for I  am gone but just before/unto my saviour dear.’           (Large Slate)
F40 In Loving Memory of/GERTRUDE ALBINA/WILKINSON/who fell asleep/5th September  1965/aged 63 years/ Also her husband/CHARLES WILKINSON/who passed away/14th Oct.  1977/aged 79 years/ ‘In God’s keeping.’  (Grey Marble with flower holder attached)
F41 JOHN REDSHAW/died 23rd March 1987/aged 53/ ‘Sadly missed.’/loving wife, family/and  friends/ ‘Rest in Peace.’/ ‘Deep in our hearts/your memory is kept/to treasure, to love/and  never forget.’    (White Marble in carved heart with flower holder attached)
F42 In/Loving Memory of/a dear husband and father/JOHN THOMAS/WILKINSON/died 6th July  1987/aged 61 years/and his beloved wife/MILLY/ALICE AMELIA WILKINSON/died 13th  Jan. 1999/aged 71 years/a dear mother and grandmother/ ‘Reunited.’                  (Granite with flower holder attached)
F43 In Memory of/SUSANNAH, daughter of ROBERT & SARAH/STREDDER/who died Febry  20th 1832/aged 18 years/ ‘Dear friends for me, forbear to weep/till sweetly in this dust I  sleep/this toilsome world I’ve left behind/a crown of glory for to find/You that are young  prepare to die/for I was young, tho’ here I lie/Remember death, for it is good/a rose may  wither in the bud.’          (Large Slate with crown engraved atop)
F44 In/Loving Memory/of/DOROTHY MAY/WILKINSON/1904-1979/and her husband/  WALTER ERNEST/’WILKIE’/WILKINSON/1903-2001/ A motor racing legend/ Also their  beloved/grand-daughter/LUCY LOUISE MILLAR/1970-2002        (Black Marble)
F45 In/Memory of/ANN and MARY/daughters of/JOHN & MARY KIRK. / ANN died Nov. 26th  1845/aged 8 years/MARY died Feb. 12th 1846/aged 6 years/ ‘Why do we mourn departing  friends/and shake at deaths alarms/’tis but the voice that Jesus sends/to call them to his arms.’            (Grey Slate)
F46 In Loving Memory of/EVELYN AGNES VERE/1893-1970/and her dear husband/HERBERT  VERE/1886-1973/ ‘At Rest.’    (Granite with cross atop and flower holder attached)
F47 (Left) Treasured/Memories/of/DELLA/SCUTCHER/ (Right) died/21st Nov./1981/aged 74  years/ ‘God Bless.’          (White Marble open book)
2 unmarked plots with flower holders
F48 Treasured/Memories of/ANNIE/BENNET/11th May 1884/3rd July 1971             (Grey marble flower holder)  Large fallen Stone face down
F49 In/Memory of/the LINDSEY/family     (Grey Marble flower holder)
F50 MARY BRADLEY/beloved wife of ERIC/1920-2008           (Green Marble)
F51 ERIC BRADLEY/27th June 1916 - 26th February 1987/beloved husband and father/ ‘I was  here, here I was. /Was I here? /Of course I was!             (Black Marble on plinth with flower holder attached)
F52 To/the Memory of/SARAH, the wife of/WILLIAM BISHOP/she died Jan. 25th 1773/aged 51  years                    (Small Slate)
Large eroded and illegible square Stone beside a large broken Stone also illegible
F53 COLIN WATSON/author/1920-1983/ ‘For manners are not idle/but fruit of loyal nature/and  of a noble mind.’ (Tennyson) / And to the Memory of/his beloved wife/PEGGY 1921-1978                (Grey Marble on plinth)
F54 In/Loving /Memory of/WILLIAM BLYTHE/died 2nd Oct. 1971/aged 62 years/ ‘At Rest’/  and his wife/PHYLLIS MARY/BLYTHE/died 6th Jan. 2002/aged 90 years               (Black Marble on long step with flower holder attached)
F55 [In/Memory of/FRANCES] wife of/WILLIAM SUMNER/who died 29th April 1855/aged 43  years …..          (Square Stone partly eroded and illegible)
F56 Treasured Memories of/AUDREY S GREENAWAY/nee BLYTHE/died 9th March 1982/aged  51 years        (Black Marble with flower holder attached)
F57 REBECCA/ELIZABETH/HYNES/8th Dec. 1973/9th Dec. 1981/ ‘Friday’s Child.’/and her  grandmother/DOREEN MARY/HYNES/1924-2005         (Granite)
F58 In/Loving Memory /of/MARY BELL/died 13th May 1976/aged 90 years/ Also/her dear  husband/ALBERT JOSEPH/died 25th Sept. 1980/aged 88 years/ ‘Reunited.’/and their son/  ALFRED/1917-1996           (White Marble on plinth)
F59 (Left) Sacred/to/the Memory/of/JOHN BLUNDY/who departed this life/November 6th/ 1856 /  aged 78 years/ ‘He laboured in the fields/his bread to gain. /He plowed, he sowed, he reaped/  the yellow grain. /Fruitful himself in work, of/faith and love.’ (Right) Sacred/to/the Memory/  of ELIZTH wife of/JOHN BLUNDY/who departed this life/January 9th/1853/aged 66 years/  ‘When time shall reach/its final hour/thou wilt arise/a fairer flower/no more to droop.’            (Large ornate Slate)
F60 RICHARD/KING/1904-1987             (Granite flower holder)
F61 In Loving Memory/of/EDWARD JOHN/KELHAM/died April 17th 1987/aged 71 years/  ‘Gone but not forgotten.’/and/his dear wife/ANNIE ELIZABETH/died 6th July 2000/aged 84  years/ ‘Resting peacefully/together.’       (Granite headstone s/w corner of square kerb plot)
F62 WINIFRED/ADELE/DENNIS/died 13th June 1983/aged 78 years             (Grey Marble flower holder)
F63 VIOLET DAWSON/1914-1983/ ‘Rest in Peace.’  (Black Marble with flower holder attached)
F64 Sacred/to the Memory of/WILLIAM BROWN/who departed this life/March 13th 1849/aged  68 years/ Also of/ANN, wife of the above/who departed this life/March 20th 1867/aged 80  years/ ‘Why do we mourn departing friends/and shake at deaths alarms/ ‘Tis but the voice that  Jesus sends/to call them to his arms.’       (Slate with carving around)
Small stone eroded and illegible
F65 Loving Memories/(Left) JOSEPH WILLIAM SHEFFIELD/peacefully entered into rest/6th  March 1973 aged 64 years/ (Right) ANNIE his devoted wife/passed peacefully away/19th  October 1973/aged 70 years/ ‘Dearly beloved parents/resting in Gods beautiful garden/so  sadly missed, blessed by wonderful memories.’                     (Long white Marble with double flower holder)
F66 Sacred/to the Memory of/SARAH, wife of/JOHN DRAYCOTT/who departed this life/July  12th 1852/aged 44 years/ ‘Behold he taketh away (who can hinder him?)/ Who will say unto  him/What doest thou,’            (Slate)
F67 In/Memory of/MATTW DRAYCOTT/who died February 2nd 1848/aged 75 years/ ‘Oh Lord I  give my spirit up/and trust it in thy hand/my dying flesh shall rest in hope/and rise at thy  command.’/ Also of/MARY, relict of/MATTW DRAYCOTT/who died May 1st 1854/aged 76  years/ ‘I know that my redeemer liveth.’/ Also of ELIZTH daughter of/the above/who died  Febry 2nd 1811/aged 3 years                 (Slate)
F68 In/Memory of/THOMAS VYE/who died/Aug. 20th 1862/aged 22 years/ ‘The Lord gave and  the Lord hath/taken away, blessed be the name of the Lord.’            (Slate)
F69 In Loving Memory/of IVY FLORENCE/BENN/died 24th November 1987/aged 84 years                     (Granite with flower holder attached)
F70 Here/lieth the body of/RUTH, the wife of/WILLIAM HUBBARD/who died September 15th  1793/in the 41st year of her age/ Also two sons who died in their infancy/ ‘To God I cry’d,  who to my help/did graciously repair/in troubled dismal day/.…my God with humble  prayer.…’                 (Slate)