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1(c) Loving Memories/JOHN HURST/MEREDITH/ANDREWS/born 4th May 1909/died 30th April/2001
2(c) Loving Memory/CLARA LILIAN/ANDREWS/born/29th January 1908/died/11th May 2000
3(c) In Loving/Memory of/IRENE A/CLIFFE HICKLING/Sept 1936 – Dec.1996/God Bless
4(c) Memories/of/NANCY JOAN/PATTERSON/ROBERTS/born 14-11-1927 died 24-1-1996
5(c) Memories of/DORIS RINGHAM/died 21st January/1997/aged 77years
6(c) Loving Memory/LEONARD/BISHOP/5th Nov. 1929 – 2nd June 1998
7(c) DORIS/ELIZABETH/HOBDELL 1913-1998/Lovely talented/lady and her/devoted husband/ALBERT/  HENRY/HOBDELL/1909-1999
8(c) In/Loving Memory of/VIOLET L/PUDDICK/1st Feb 1926/6th Sept 1998/She lived for/those she loved/  Those she loved/Remember.
9(c) Cherished Memories of/a loving husband, dad & granddad/SID COUTURE/7-3-1924.  28-12-2003/  ‘Forever with us.’
10(c) Remembering/with Love/BETTY NEW/mother of Jim, Jane/Irene & Sandra/1915-2003
11(c) In Loving/Memory of/MICHAEL/JOHN LACK/1964 – 2002
12(c) GARY STEVENS/14th April 1989/11th Dec 2001/A wonderful son/and brother/dearly loved and/  Remembered Always.
13(c) Remembering/with Love/CHRISTINE/BALDERSON/1922 – 2001
14(c) In Loving/Memory of/ARTHUR WILFRED/PALMER/1909 – 1998/and his wife/EDITH MINNIE/  1911- 2001/Dear parents/grandparents
15(c) Treasured/Memories/of/WILLIAM/HIBBERT/1934 – 2006
16(c) In Loving Memory/of/CYNTHIA ANNE/MOSS/passed away 10th June 2004/aged 78 years
17(c) CECIL PELL/1929 – 1993/SALLY PELL/1932 – 2006/Reunited
18(c) Loving and kind/in all his ways/Treasured Memories of/JOHN GREEN/16th October 2004
19(c) In/Memory of/LYN HALL/1907 – 1996/and her sister/VIOLET HALL/1909 – 2001

F – East of Church.
F1 In Loving Memory/of/FREDERICK KELHAM/died Novr 19th 1879/aged 43 years/ Also of  EMMA his wife/died March 22nd 1919/aged 81 years/ Also GEORGE HENRY & MARY/  Their children here interred. [George Henry died 27-9-1877 aged 12years. Mary died 22-12- 1881 aged 12years]       (Granite-‘Rock of ages’ atop clasped hands and under ‘Cleft for me.’)
F2 In/Affectionate Remembrance of/LEWIS MORRIS/who died December 1st 1899/aged 70  years/ ‘The Lord God hath given you rest.’         (Slate carved top)
F3 In/Affectionate Remembrance of/JAMES MORRIS/who died January 7th 1902/aged 63 years/  ‘It is good for me that I have been/afflicted/ Also JOHN MORRIS/died Jany 7th 1905/aged 69  years/ and SUSAN MORRIS/died Octr 25th1907/aged 76 years       (Slate carved top)
F4 Loving Memories/of/HUBERT (NIP) TYLER/passed away/15th Mar. 1985/aged 70/ At Rest.         (Small Granite with flower holder attached)
F5 PEACE/In Loving Memory of/a beloved husband/& father/HARDY TYLER/who died 29th  March 1946/aged 87 years/At Rest/ Also of/ALICE TYLER/died 23rd Jan. 1957/aged 83  years/ Reunited.      (Small Granite with flower holder attached)
F6 In Loving Memory of/CHRISTOPHER/JOSEPH TYLER/passed away 28th May 1990/aged  78 years/and/ELSIE MARION/TYLER (nee ROUSE)/passed away 21st June 2009/aged 88  years/R.I.P.         (Ornate Grey Marble with flower holder attached)
F7 In/Loving Memory of/JOHN WILEMAN/who died March 28th 1898/aged 60 years/ Also his  wife/ANN who died April 17th 1936/aged 89 years/Reunited            (Thick Granite block)
F8 MEMORIES/In Loving Memory of/a beloved husband/and father/EDWARD POLLARD/  who died 2nd Feb. 1966/aged 73 years/ ‘Gone but not forgotten.’/ Also of HARRIET/his  beloved wife/died 30th August 1962/aged 88 years/Reunited.        (Large Granite in kerb plot)
F9 (North)-GEORGE BRADFORD OSBORNE who died 16th Jan.1946 aged 64 years              (Granite kerb plot)
F10 (West)-Treasured Memories of/ (North)-my dearest husband ALBERT HOLLAND/who  passed peacefully away October 24th 1960 aged 67 years/ (East)- ‘The Lord gave and the/  Lord hath taken away.’             (Granite kerb plot with flower holder in centre)
F11 In Loving Memory of/ELLEN KATHLEEN/beloved wife of ALBERT HOLLAND/who  passed away 7th Dec. 1944/aged 52 years/ ‘The eternal God is thy refuge and underneath are  the everlasting arms.’ Deut.33.27.              (Granite in kerb plot)
Large Unmarked Grey Marble flower holder.
F12 In Loving Memory of/GEORGE SCHOLEY/the beloved husband of/ELIZABETH KING/  who fell asleep May 17th 1943/aged 69 years/ At Rest              (Granite in kerb plot with flower holder in centre)
F13 Treasured Memories/of our dear father/GEORGE ANDREWS/died 11th Feb. 1942/aged 65  years/ Also of our dear mother/SARAH ANN/died 15th Feb.1959/aged 78 years/ Reunited                (Granite with flower holder attached)
F14 CHUCK ANDREWS 1914-2001 (Small flower holder)
F15 In Loving Memory of/WILLIAM RICHARDSON/passed away 17th October 1952/aged 61  years/ ‘The Lord said Come unto me/and I will give thee rest.’            (Granite in kerb plot)
F16 In Loving Memory of/MAY E FLETCHER/who passed away/20th July 1969/aged 68 years/  ‘Gone but never forgotten.’             (Granite with flower holder attached)
2 Unmarked flower holders next to wall
F17 In/Loving Memory of GEORGE THOS. RINGHAM/died 19th July 1941/aged 65 years/ Also  of CLARA ELIZABETH his wife/died 3rd April 1948/aged 76 years/ Reunited.             (Granite in kerb plot with flower holder in centre)
F18 (West)-In Loving Memory of/ (North)-GEORGE RINGHAM who died July 19th 1941 aged  60 years.         (Granite kerb plot)
F19 (West) (Left) In Loving Memory of/JOSEPH HARE/died March 18th 1948 aged 83 years  (Right) In Loving Memory of/EMILY J. HARE/died Apr. 2nd 1944 aged 78 years              (Large Granite square kerb plot)
F20 In Loving Memory/of Sir ARTHUR WILLIAM/PETERSON K.C.B.M.V.O./died 8th May  1986/aged 69 years/and/his beloved wife/MARY ISABEL PETERSON/ (nee MAPLES)/died  9th October 1991/aged 72 years       (Large Plain Slate)
F21 In Affectionate/Remembrance of/MARY widow of/RICHARD MAPLES/who departed this  life/March 25th 1878/aged 70 years/ ‘Weep not for me my children dear/My earthly troubles  o’er/I hope to meet you all again/upon a happier shore/Death to me short warning gave/and  quickly took me to the grave/for you know not your dying day.’                   (Large Slate with ornately carved top and sides)

F22 In Affectionate/Remembrance of/RICHARD MAPLES/who departed this life/March 19th  1861/aged 63 years/leaving a wife and/fourteen children to/lament their loss/ ‘Death with  steady steps did come/in all its dreaded doom/and from our happy home did take/our father to  the tomb/and when we saw him laid beneath the silent sod/did not our bleeding blossoms say  Thy will be done O God.’       (Headstone as F21)
F23 Sacred/to the Memory of/WILLIAM son of/JOHN & ELIZABETH/HARMSTON/who  departed this life/April 25th 1853/aged 40 years            (Slate)
F24 In Loving Memory of/WILLIAM ROBERT MORRISON/died Oct.5th 1942/aged 64 years/  ‘Peace Perfect Peace.’/ Also ANNIE/his beloved wife/died March 9th 1955/aged 83 years                     (Broken Granite in kerb plot)
F25 In/Loving Memory of/CHARLES BLUNDY/who passed away May 31st 1941/aged 76 years/  ‘Sweet rest at last.’/ Also of MARY/wife of the above/who passed away May 13th 1943/aged  81years/ ‘Reunited.’                    (Granite Scroll)
F26 In/Loving Memory/of/GEORGE/WILLIAM ROUSE/a devoted husband/and father/died 14th  Feb. 1976/aged 79/ ‘Peace.’/ Also ELLEN ROUSE/devoted wife and mother/died 21st Oct.  1986/aged 82/ ‘Reunited.’   (Black Marble on plinth with flower holder attached)