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D52 (South) In Loving Memory of/FANNY ELSWORTH/died 16th July 1961/aged 82 years   (North) GEORGE ELSWORTH/beloved husband/died 13th Nov. 1963/aged 83 years                        (Urn in Stone kerb plot)
D53 (Left) In Loving Memory of/ARTHUR BAKER/died/17th August 1960/aged 72 years/ ‘At Rest.’  (Right) EMILY/his wife/died/4th Nov. 1978/aged 81 years/ ‘Reunited.’                                           (Granite open book on ground with urn above)
D54 Treasured Memories of/a dear wife and mother/FLORY SCHOFIELD/who passed away/24th June  1960/aged 70 years/ ‘At Rest.’/ Also a loving husband and father/GEORGE SCHOFIELD/who died 1st  Dec. 1977/aged 76 years/ ‘Reunited.’              (Marble)
D55 Wooden Cross with LILIAN KITCHEN written across. [March 1960-aged 62]
D56 Block of Stone – GEORGE WILSON 1910-1959
D57 Block of Stone – TERRY WILSON 1944-1963
D58 In/Loving Memory/of/my dear brother/EDWIN JOHN EAMES/who died 12th Dec. 1966/aged 72 years         (Lichen covered white Marble on plinth)
D59 Treasured/Memories of/WILLIE/DOWSE/died 28th January 1966                 (Small Marble block)
D60 In Loving Memory of/a dear mother/MARY LIZZIE HOBSON/died 7th April 1963/aged 76 years/ ‘To  awake again in heaven.’          (Carved Granite in kerb plot)
D61 In/Loving Memory of/FLORENCE ELIZABETH/SAINT/died 30th January 1963/aged 87 years/ Also/  CHARLES SAINT/died 10th April 1966/aged 86 years           (Grey Marble shouldered)

E - North of Church wall
E1 In Loving Remembrance of/JOHN HOWARD LEECH/ F.R.I.B.A.  F.R.S.A. /Architect and Organist/dearly loved husband of Joyce/and father of Graham/1902-1984.               (White Granite covered in lichen)
E2 In Memory of/THOMAS HENRY SMITH/ [died 14th Oct. 1883, aged 10 months]          (Small Granite Cross set in ground)
E3 In/Loving Memory/of/WILLIAM SMITH/who died/March 29th 1903/aged 58 years/ Also his  wife/REBECCA SMITH/who died/Decr 29th 1904/aged 59 years/ ‘Peace, Perfect Peace.’        (Gothic Stone with clasped hands carved top centre)
E4 In loving Memory/of WILLIAM PICK/who entered into rest/April 13th 1920/aged 71 years/ ‘With  Christ which is for better’/ Also of his wife MARY JANE/who entered into rest/July 4th 1940/aged 90  years/ ‘At Rest.’               (Granite with leaves carved atop)
E5 In/Loving Memory of/JANE ELIZABETH PICK/who entered into rest/November 22nd 1902/aged 28  years/ ‘We all do fade as a leaf.’/ Also/WILLIAM FREDERICK PICK/brother of the above/who  passed away May 4th 1904/aged 28 years/ ‘In Paradise.’                (Granite with leaves and flowers carved atop)
E6 In Loving/Memory of/HENRY STEPHEN KING/born 14th Augst 1893/died 29th Novr 1893                 (Small Gothic Stone with Cross top centre)
E7 In/Loving Memory of/our dear mother/ADELA KEYWORTH KING/who died 8th Sept 1939/aged 79  years/ ‘At Rest.’/the beloved wife of STEPHEN KING/ Also STEPHEN/beloved husband of the above  /who died 15th July 1950/aged 90 years/ ‘Reunited.’             (Ornately carved Stone)
E8 In/Memory/of/GEORGIANA/CHERRY/born 5th August 1923/died 8th July 1996/ R.I.P.         (Celtic Cross with I.H.S. entwined in centre in kerb plot)
E9 In Loving Memory of/JOHN TAYLOR THOMPSON/died July 9th 1906/aged 81 years/ Also ANN/  wife of the above/died Feby 3rd 1917/aged 77 years/ Also MARY JANE their dau./died May 27th 1911/  aged 38 years/ ‘They have done what they could.’/R.I.P.              (Stone with carved top)
E10 In Loving Remembrance/of/ROBERT STREDDER/who died February 1st 1882/in the 59th year of his  age/ ‘If joy shall at thy bidding fly/and grief’s dark day come on/we in our turn would meekly cry/  Father thy will be done.’/ Also of/SARAH SUSANNAH/his wife/who died March 13th 1912/in the 91st  year of her age/ ‘Rest after weariness.’        (Granite dome with barley turn top)
2 Large stones face down.
E11 In Affectionate Remembrance/of/ELIZA ANN SCOTT/the beloved wife of/THOMAS SCOTT/of  Laughton/who died Decr 30th 1877/aged 48 years/ ‘Jesus cast my soul in thee/mighty and merciful to  save/thou will to death go down with me/and gently lay me in the grave.’            (Slate)
E12 In Loving Memory/of/GEORGE SENSICLE/born July 8th 1874/died July 8th 1904/ ‘………..’  (inscription illegible)                       (Stone Cross on step)
E13 In/Loving Memory/of ROBERT SENSICLE/who died 8th May 1893/aged 56 years/ Also  of/ELIZA/  beloved daughter of the above/who died 12th February 1894/aged 23 years/ ‘Thy will be done.’              (Stone covered with lichen)
E14 Celtic Granite Cross on 3 tier plinth         East (1)In Memory of/ (2) HELEN GERTRUDE CARTER/born 27th January 1858/died 29th April  1890/ (3) Also of  ELIZABETH HENRY wife of/the REV. GEORGE CARTER (Rector)/born  September 19th 1830/ died May 25th 1893 North (1) Also of/MABEL ALICE CARTER/(2)born 6th   November 1866/died 24th April 1867 South (1) Also of (2) Also of/the REV. GEORGE CARTER/  born 25th October 1828/died 13th August 1894/For over 31 years Rector of this Parish.
E15 PATRICIA/MARY/SHAW/1933-1992/teacher/younger daughter of/NELL and JOHN SHAW/of  Nottingham/ ‘Remembered with Love.’        (Plain Slate)
E16 In/Affectionate/Remembrance of/EMILY SARAH GRUMMITT/born July 21st 1866/died June 11th  1877            (Plain Granite dome on step)
E17 Plain Granite Cross on 3 tier plinth         (1) In Memory of/KATE GRUMMITT/born July 15th 1875/died January 17th 1902
E18 Plain Granite Cross on 3 tier plinth         (1) In/Loving Memory/of/ (2) JOHN ELDRETT GRUMMITT/born April 29th 1864/died April 10th  1905
E19 Broken Granite Celtic Cross on 3 tier plinth        (1) In/Loving Memory/ (2) EDWARD JOHN GRUMMITT/born Sept 23rd 1831/died Sept 18th 1920 (3) Also of/MARY his wife/born June 10th 1833/died May 30th 1914
E20 GUY FAIRFAX KYNASTON/born 13th January 1882/died 20th October 1978 aged 96                    (Plain Granite)
E21 ALBERT EDWARD KYNASTON/March 12th 1846-December 16th 1895/ELLEN HANNAH  KYNASTON/died 14th November 1937/aged 92    (Cross in centre of kerb plot)
E22 Granite open book covered in lichen        (Left) In Loving/H.H. [HERBERT HENRY]/MARTINDALE [1st October 1946] (Right) Memory of/  L.A.[LIZZIE ANN] MARTINDALE [21st October 1958] (Cremation)
E23 In/Loving Memory/of/JAMES SCARBROUGH/who entered into rest/October 28th 1901/aged 75  years/ Also of ELEANOR/his beloved wife/who entered into rest/February 25th 1901/aged 80 years/  ‘Ever with the Lord.’                 (Large Granite with I.H.S. atop)
E24 In/Affectionate Remembrance of/THOMAS VYE/who departed this life/February 3rd/1881/aged 78  years/ ‘Precious in the sight of the Lord is/the death of his saints.’    (Large Slate with carved top)
E25 In Loving Memory/of/ALICE/the beloved daughter of/S&A HOLMES/who died 10th June 1896/in the  8th year of her age                  (Small Stone on plinth)
E26 In Affectionate Remembrance of/ELIZABETH ANN ROLLISON/who died November 19th 1915  aged  66 years        (Stone Cross broken off plinth)
E27 (South) In Affectionate Remembrance of/FREDERICK ROLLISON/ who died at Laughton January  15th 1875/aged 57 years (North) In Affectionate Remembrance of/JANE wife of FREDERICK  ROLLISON/who died March 16th 1882/aged 61 years               (Carved Chest in kerb plot)
E28 (North) In Affectionate Remembrance of/ARTHUR ROLLISON/who died at Laughton March 11th  1912/aged 59 years          (Low Stone Tomb with full length Cross down centre)
Large fallen Stone face down
E29 In/Loving Memory/of CHARLES BLUNDY/died Sept 18th 1888/aged 70 years/MARTHA his wife/  died May 11th 1894 aged 70 years       (Apex Granite headstone propped against tree)
E30 In/Loving Memory/of/MARTHA BLUNDY/died Decr 9th 1911/aged 54 years/ELIZABETH BLUNDY  /died June 3rd 1872/aged 21 years/REBECKA BLUNDY/died Jany 27th 1880/aged 17 years/  ‘Thy will be done.’           (Tall Granite Apex)
E31 In Loving Memory of/SARAH/third daughter of the late/THOMAS & SARAH CASSWELL/who  passed to the higher life/April 16th 1920/aged 57 years/ ‘Behold we count them happy/which endure.’                (Granite Fleur-de-lys shaped I.H.S. entwined atop)
E32 In Loving Memory of/THOMAS CASSWELL/(late of Wigtoft)/died May 5th 1896/aged 61 years/ Also  SARAH/wife of the above/died June 30th 1914/aged 79 years/ Also ALICE MARY/daughter of the  above/died Sept 25th 1900/aged 28 years/ ‘…….into strength.’      (Headstone as E31)
E33 Sacred/to the Memory of/JOHN POOLE/late of Ingoldsby/who died Sept 25th 1880/aged 82 years/  Also of/SARAH his wife/who died on Whit Sunday/May 28th 1882/aged 83 years           (Large Dome Granite covered in lichen)
E34 In/Memory of/SOPHIA POOLE/daughter of/the late JOHN POOLE/of Ingoldsby/who died Feb. 18th  1908/aged 78 years/ Also of/SARAH ANN POOLE/sister of the above/who died at Streatham/Sept 21st  1915/aged 88 years            (Headstone as E33)
E35 In Loving Memory of/JOHN EDWARD OWEN/dearly loved/only son of/JOHN and ANN OWEN/  ‘At Rest.’ June 16th 1930/ ‘With Christ which is far better.’    (Granite I.H.S. entwined atop)
E36 In Loving Memory of/JOHN OWEN/who died January 14 the 1894/aged 73 years/ Also ANN/his  beloved wife/ who died November 30th 1892/aged 73 years/ ‘Looking unto Jesus.’                      (Headstone as E35 both in large broken kerb plot)