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E45 In Affectionate Remembrance of/MARY/the beloved wife of/JAMES HOLMES/died Jan.29th 1891/ in  her 66th year/ JAMES HOLMES/died May 25th 1901/aged 76 years / ‘Thou art not..../Nor shalt…’               (Headstone as E44)
E46 In Loving Memory of/WILLIAM CARTER BLAGG/who died Octr 13th 1902/aged 55 years/ ‘His end  was peace.’ / Also MARY ANN/wife of the above/who died Jany 29th 1915/aged 62 years/ ‘Only good  night beloved.’         (Granite in kerb plot)
E47 Large Red Marble Coved Tomb         (South) In Memory of/THOMAS SYSON/who died October 13th 1879/in his 80th year   (North) Also of/THOMASINE MARY/his wife who died July 27th 1893/in her 73rd year
E48 Granite Cross with carved dove sitting on L arm, spray of flowers carved down centre, on 3 tier plinth (North) (1) In Loving Memory/of WILLIAM HOLMES/ (2)who died May 15th 1903/aged 75years  (East) (1)In Loving Memory of/NANCY wife of/WILLIAM HOLMES/who died/(2) July 10th 1902  aged 60years/ ‘This last….at rest/….’ [illegible]       (South) (1) In/Loving Memory of/JANE/the beloved wife of/FRANCIS HOLMES/who sweetly fell  asleep in Jesus/March 12th 1883 aged 84years/ Also of FRANCIS HOLMES/who sweetly fell asleep in  Jesus/August 24th 1888 aged 84 years/….[illegible]
E49 Grey Marble Cross [fallen] on 3 tier plinth in large kerb plot     (East) (2) DANIEL WYER/born April 3rd 1835/died May 3rd 1892/ (3) ‘Thy will be done.’  (North) (1) Also of/ANN WYER/ (2) his wife/born Oct 31st 1841/died May 23rd 1913/ (3) ‘Until the  day break.’ North kerb-ELIZABETH THORLBY WYER second daughter of D & A WYER/born June  12th 1868 died May 11th 1950 ‘At Rest’  
E50 (East) In Loving Memory of/ (South) My dear brother ALBERT WADSLEY who passed away 20th  Feb 1958 aged 60years (North) HAROLD WADSLEY brother of ALBERT who passed away 9th  August 1971 aged 72years     (Broken Granite kerb with urn in centre)
E51 In/Loving Memory of/DANIEL WYER/who died/May 26th 1880/aged 80years/ ‘He is our peace….’/  Also of SUSANNAH/wife of the above/who died/March 31st 1891 aged 82years/ ‘Forever with the  Lord.’                              (Broken Apex on ground)
E52 White Marble Cross carved with ivy leaves on 3 tier plinth       (1) In/Loving Remembrance of/ (2) CHARLES HERBERT/4th son of/GEORGE & SARAH JANE  WYER/born Octr 28th 1885/died March 4th 1902/ ‘Forever with the Lord.’
E53 In/Loving/Remembrance of/LILIAN ANNIE/who died Oct 1st 1883/ Also of/EVELYN SARAH/who  died Oct 7th 1883/aged 14 months/ ……… [Twin daughters of George & Sarah Ann Wyer]                     (Small Granite Gothic)
E54 Large Granite Cross on 3 tier plinth in kerb plot       East (1) In Affectionate Remembrance of/ (2) GEORGE WYER born April 15th 1846/died Dec 8th  1898 also his wife/ (3) SARAH ANNE born Aug 29th 1847/died May 14th 1935    North (2) Also daughter [LILIAN SARAH PEPPER/died Oct 18th 1951 aged 63years]
E55 Broken Granite Cross in kerb plot         East (1)In/Loving Memory/of/ (2) THOMAS COLLISON/who died July 12th 1901 aged 74 years North (1) Also of/MARY his wife/died Dec 12th 1925 aged 90years
E56 In/Loving Memory of/WILLIAM JOHN WADSLEY/died 19th April 1917/aged 82years/ Also his wife  NANCY/died 3rd Feb 1949/aged 82years          (Large Granite in kerb plot)
E57 In Loving Memory of/HARVEY GEORGE/who died January 3rd 1902/aged 65years/ Deeply mourned/  Also of/SARAH ANN/wife of the above/who died September 14th 1906/aged 62years/ ‘In the midst of  life we are in death.’                  (Granite with I.H.S. atop centre)
E58 In/Loving Memory of/MARY JANE PAULING/who fell asleep 24th April 1941/aged 70 years.   
E59 Also in Memory of/HENRY PAULING/beloved husband of MARY JANE/died 24th Jan 1960/in his  89th year       (Headstone at foot of E58 and same as)
E60 In Loving Memory of/WILLIAM/son of/THOMAS & LUCY PAULING/died May 3rd 1902/aged 21  years/ Also of the above THOMAS PAULING/died May 22nd 1920/in his 85th year/and of LUCY  PAULING/died Jan 9th 1923/aged 84years/ ‘Peace, Perfect Peace.’           (Gothic Granite I.H.S. atop)
E61 In loving Memory of/SUSANNAH/widow of THOMAS PAULING/who died June 28th 1888/aged 86  years/ Also MARY daughter of the above/who died at Peckham Jan 1st 1892/aged 53years/ ‘Blessed  are they which die in the Lord.’     (Granite with ornate Celtic carved top)
E62 In/loving memory of/MARY ANN/the beloved wife of/WILLIAM BEALS/who died November 22nd  1898/aged 71years/ ‘And he asked us well we know/we should cry, Oh spare this blow/you when  streaming eyed should pray. Lord we love her, let her stay.’          (Dome Granite)
E63 In/Affectionate/Remembrance of/EDWARD FISHER/who died August 18th 1895/in his 50th year/  Also/ MARY JANE/wife of the above/who died Aril 18th 1933/in her 84th year/ ‘At Rest.’                    (Gothic Granite on step)
E64 South - In Memory of/JAMES BAILEY/who died at Gosberton 17th May 1877/aged 64 years  North - In Memory of/ELIZABETH/wife of JAMES BAILEY/who died July 6th 1883 aged 66 years              (Low Coped Granite Tomb)
E65 Granite Cross with I.H.S. entwined in circle, on 3 tier plinth      (East) (2) I Loving Memory/of/GEORGE GREWCOCK/who died/May 16th 1882/aged 79years  (3) Also ELIZABETH GREWCOCK wife of the above/who died Nov 30th 1894/aged 78 years
E66 In/Loving Memory of SUSANNA/wife of/BATE DRAYCOTT/who fell asleep/Nov 12th 1900/aged 59  years Also/BATE DRAYCOTT/who fell asleep/Aug 11th 1917 aged 69 years/ ‘In his keeping.’         (Large broken Granite on ground with Cross carved atop)
E67 (South) – In Loving Memory of FLORENCE EMILY BAILEY who entered into rest April 27th 1891 (East) – Aged 29 years         (Granite Cross on ground in kerb plot)
E68 In/Loving Memory of/THOMAS CLIFTON/who departed this life/May4th 1890/aged 77 years/  ‘Behold he taketh away; who can hinder/him? Who will say unto him, what doest thou?’ Job 1X.12 /  Also of/REBECCA CLIFTON/wife of the above/who passed away/Dec 31st 1893/aged 74 years/ ‘So  he giveth his beloved sleep.’ Ps CXXV11. 2       (Large Slate)

1(c) Loving Memories/JOHN HURST/MEREDITH/ANDREWS/born 4th May 1909/died 30th April/2001
2(c) Loving Memory/CLARA LILIAN/ANDREWS/born/29th January 1908/died/11th May 2000
3(c) In Loving/Memory of/IRENE A/CLIFFE HICKLING/Sept 1936 – Dec.1996/God Bless
4(c) Memories/of/NANCY JOAN/PATTERSON/ROBERTS/born 14-11-1927 died 24-1-1996
5(c) Memories of/DORIS RINGHAM/died 21st January/1997/aged 77years
6(c) Loving Memory/LEONARD/BISHOP/5th Nov. 1929 – 2nd June 1998
7(c) DORIS/ELIZABETH/HOBDELL 1913-1998/Lovely talented/lady and her/devoted husband/ALBERT/  HENRY/HOBDELL/1909-1999
8(c) In/Loving Memory of/VIOLET L/PUDDICK/1st Feb 1926/6th Sept 1998/She lived for/those she loved/  Those she loved/Remember.
9(c) Cherished Memories of/a loving husband, dad & granddad/SID COUTURE/7-3-1924.  28-12-2003/  ‘Forever with us.’
10(c) Remembering/with Love/BETTY NEW/mother of Jim, Jane/Irene & Sandra/1915-2003
11(c) In Loving/Memory of/MICHAEL/JOHN LACK/1964 – 2002
12(c) GARY STEVENS/14th April 1989/11th Dec 2001/A wonderful son/and brother/dearly loved and/  Remembered Always.
13(c) Remembering/with Love/CHRISTINE/BALDERSON/1922 – 2001
14(c) In Loving/Memory of/ARTHUR WILFRED/PALMER/1909 – 1998/and his wife/EDITH MINNIE/  1911- 2001/Dear parents/grandparents
15(c) Treasured/Memories/of/WILLIAM/HIBBERT/1934 – 2006
16(c) In Loving Memory/of/CYNTHIA ANNE/MOSS/passed away 10th June 2004/aged 78 years
17(c) CECIL PELL/1929 – 1993/SALLY PELL/1932 – 2006/Reunited
18(c) Loving and kind/in all his ways/Treasured Memories of/JOHN GREEN/16th October 2004
19(c) In/Memory of/LYN HALL/1907 – 1996/and her sister/VIOLET HALL/1909 – 2001

F – East of Church.
F1 In Loving Memory/of/FREDERICK KELHAM/died Novr 19th 1879/aged 43 years/ Also of  EMMA his wife/died March 22nd 1919/aged 81 years/ Also GEORGE HENRY & MARY/  Their children here interred. [George Henry died 27-9-1877 aged 12years. Mary died 22-12- 1881 aged 12years]       (Granite-‘Rock of ages’ atop clasped hands and under ‘Cleft for me.’)