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D8 (North) In Loving Memory of JOSEPH CHAMBERS who fell asleep Feb. 15th 1942 aged 75 years.  (South) Also his wife MARY ELIZABETH VOSS CHAMBERS interred to rest 25th July 1949 aged  76 years. (West) ‘Perfect Peace.’            (Stone kerb plot)
D9 (Left) In/Loving Memory/of/ELLA CHAMBERS/died Dec. 15th 1918/aged 26 years.   (Right) Also  of/PETER MALCOLM/her brother/died Feb. 7th 1919/aged 18 years.       (Stone open book)
D10 In/Loving Memory/of/GEORGE DOBNEY/who died Jany 7th 1922/aged 71 years.            (Granite with Cross inset atop)
D11 In/Loving Memory/of/FREDERICK SHARPE/who fell asleep Mar. 4th 1929/aged 75/ ‘May he rest in  peace.’                (Brown Marble)
D12 In/Loving Memory/of/JOHN S. FARROW/born 3rd June 1860/died 3rd October 1931/ ‘At Rest.’                    (Granite Scroll)
D13 In/Memory of/ANNIE WARD/died 15th Dec. 1943/aged 49 years/ ‘At Rest.’           (Small thin Stone)
D14 In Loving Memory of/ROBERT MERVIN/died February 26th 1932/aged 78 years/ Also of ANN his  wife/died April 22nd 1939/aged 88 years.                        (Stone set in square kerb plot-book in centre circle reads-‘Thy will be done.’)
D15 BILL MARVIN/1894-1958/ ‘Always in our hearts.’            (Flat Marble slab at foot of above)
D16 In Loving Memory/of our dear parents/BETSY TALTON/who died Oct. 3rd 1939/aged 63 years/and  GEORGE HENRY TALTON/who died Nov. 3rd 1953/aged 86 years.        (Stone in kerb plot)
D17 In/Loving Memory of/FANNY WARD/who departed this life/January 13th 1934/aged 74 years/ Also of  her husband/HENRY WARD/who died Nov. 3rd 1942/aged 30 years.        (Stone in broken kerb plot)
D18 Broken Cross (on ground) 3 tier plinth        (1)In Ever Loving (2)Memory of/GLADYS NANCY WADSLEY born July 4th 1910 (3) Called to Rest  Sept. 29th 1910/aged 3 months

D19 In/Loving Memory of/PHILIP F. /the beloved son of FREDERICK & ETHEL/HENTON/died 5th Sept.  1952/aged 16 years/ And ETHEL MAY a devoted wife and mother/died 17th May 1990/aged 79 years/  Also FREDERICK/a dear husband and father/died 22nd Sept. 1995/aged 90 years.                     (Large Stone with Cross left corner and Peace right corner)
D20 In/Loving Memory/of/MARY/DRAYCOTT/born 25-5-1883/died 12-7-1962/ ‘At Rest.’   (Small Stone)
D21 In Loving Memory of/ELIZA/the beloved wife of/GEORGE ROBERTS/who departed this life/8th  January 1935/aged 59 years/ ‘Rest after weariness.’/ Also of the above/GEORGE ROBERTS/who  passed away/9th September 1950/aged 74 years/ ‘Reunited.’             (Large ornate Scrolled Stone in broken kerb plot)
D22 In Loving Memory of/ELIZABETH ANN HUGGETT/who died 21st June 1948/aged 86 years/ ‘Gone  but not forgotten.’            (Stone in kerb plot)
D23 In Loving/Memory of/ALBERT RICHARD/TUNNARD/died 31st Oct. 1962/aged 78 years/ Also of/  LAURA ELIZABETH/his wife/died 23rd Dec. 1946/aged 61 years.    (Small Stone)
D24 In/Loving Memory/of/a dear wife and mother/VIOLETTA PARKER/died 13th Sept 1954/aged 74/     ‘At Rest.’/ Also of/a beloved husband and father/GEORGE PARKER/died 8th Oct. 1956/aged 67/  ‘Reunited.’          (Small Stone)
D25 In Loving Memory of/CHARLES RICHARD/HAMMOND/died Dec. 2nd 1950/aged 60 years                 (Stone in kerb plot)
D26 In/Loving Memory/of/CHARLES WILLIAM LEEDALE/who departed this life/1st December 1938/  aged 75 years/ Also of his wife/ESTHER FRANCES/who died 8th March 1950/aged 81 years.                   (Grey Marble in kerb plot)
D27 In/Loving Memory/of/CHARLOTTE BATES/died Aug. 31st 1936/aged 62 years/JAMES BATES/died  Mar. 5th 1963/aged 89 years               (Red Marble in kerb plot)
D28 MARY/MORETON/1894-1993/ ‘In God’s keeping’    (Granite Dome on double step)
D29 In Memory of MATTHEW NEWTON/a beloved husband and father/died Nov. 2nd 1952/in his 90th  year/ And his dear wife/ANNIE/died Oct. 2nd 1957/aged 87 years/ ‘In God’s keeping.’         (Granite)
D30 In/Memory/of/ANN CHALLANDS/who died Oct. 28th 1921/aged 87 years/ ‘Gone home to God. Yes,  aged Saint/earths toilsome cares all past/The weary casket worn and faint/is laid to rest at last.’/ Also  FRANCIS HOLMES/who died March 19th 1902/aged 78 years/ ‘Thy will be done.’                            (Granite ornately shaped)
D31 JOSEPH KITCHEN [Feb. 1950-aged 73]               (Wooden Cross with stone flower holder)
D32 In Loving Memory/of/our dear mother/JANE BLUNDY/who died/January 3rd1916/aged 64 years/ Also  of our dear father/WILLIAM BLUNDY/who died/February 22nd 1916/aged 69 years                      (Gothic Stone I.H.S. in top centre set in kerb plot)
D34 CHARLES ASKEW ‘Peace, Perfect Peace.’ [April 1956-aged 81]               (Marble flower holder)
D35 In Loving Memory/of/my beloved husband/WILLIAM MASTERS/who passed away/1st September  1962/aged 76 years/ ‘Peace, Perfect Peace.’/ Also ELIZABETH/his dear wife/died 12th Nov.1972/aged  80 years        (Stone with flower holder attached-left)
D36 In Loving Memory/of/JESSE SMITH/1895-1956               (Flower holder)
D37 In/Loving/Memory/of FLORENCE/LOIS BLUNDY/passed away/8th August 1957/aged 77 years/      ‘At Rest’                   (Stone with flower holder attached-right)
D38 BODDY (Tall Wooden Cross with name across centre set in kerb plot)
D39 In/Loving Memory of/HARRY REGINALD MILLER/died 24th July 1953/aged 64 years/ and of his  wife/EVELYN KATE/died 28th Sept. 1979/aged 81 years    (Red Marble)
D40 Broken Stone Cross on ground beside 3 tier plinth        (1) In Loving/Memory of/ (2) CAROLINE/ELIZABETH KENT/died/21st March 1953/    (3) Aged 85 years/ ‘Thy will be done.’
D41 In/Loving Memory/of/DONALD THOMAS/CARTER/born 19th September 1893/died 28th September  1962/ Also his beloved wife/CARRIE MARGARET/born 6th August 1893/died 8th February 1978.           (Shouldered Granite)
D42 In Loving Memory of/a dear husband and father/JESSE COLEMAN/died 29th July 1956/aged 68 years/  ‘Sadly missed.’/ Also of his dear wife/MARGARET/died 6th June 1963/aged 75 years/ ‘Reunited.’             (Granite oblong in kerb plot)
D43 (1) Cherish the Memory of/a devoted husband and father/LEONARD PELL/who passed away 28th  April 1958/aged 70 years/ ‘Life’s work well done.’       (2)Also/MATILDA ANN PELL/wife and mother/died 31st Dec. 1981/aged 89 years                (Double sided Granite headstone in kerb plot)
D45 In loving Memory of/WILLIAM DAVIDSON/died 24th August 1969/aged 57 years/ ‘Rest in Peace.’                           (Stone under hedge)
D46 In Loving Memory/of  FRED SMITH/who died 31st October 1958/aged 80 years/ ‘At Rest.’/ Also of  his dear wife/FLORENCE LYDIA [died 16th April 1963 aged 86 years]       (Stone in kerb plot)
D47 JAMES JOHNSON/13th Nov. 1957 [aged 66]      (Stone flower holder)
D48 CHARLES ALBERT PELL/ ‘At Rest.’ [Sept. 1957-aged 61]                 (Marble flower holder)
D49 (East) In Loving Memory of/(South) My dear wife AMELIA MANDERS/who passed away 6th April  1957 aged 45 years/(West) Brave, Unselfish, Loving/(North) Also her devoted husband JESSE  EWART MANDERS who passed away 17th Dec.1976 aged 70 years                         (Broken kerb plot)
D50 In/Loving/Memory of/ARTHUR/RANDALL/died 15th Jan. 1957/aged 69 years/ ‘Love and  Remembrance out lasts all.’/ Also of/POLLIE/wife of the above/died 7th July 1958/aged 63 years/  ‘Reunited.’                (Stone with flower holder attached set in kerb plot)
D51 In/Loving Memory of/MARGARET CONSTANCE IRENE/wife of JOHN THOROLD EMERSON/  who died 8th October 1957/aged 52 years/ Also of her husband/JOHN THOROLD EMERSON/who  died 1st June 1978/aged 72 years.         (Red Marble set in kerb plot)
D52 (South) In Loving Memory of/FANNY ELSWORTH/died 16th July 1961/aged 82 years   (North) GEORGE ELSWORTH/beloved husband/died 13th Nov. 1963/aged 83 years                        (Urn in Stone kerb plot)
D53 (Left) In Loving Memory of/ARTHUR BAKER/died/17th August 1960/aged 72 years/ ‘At Rest.’  (Right) EMILY/his wife/died/4th Nov. 1978/aged 81 years/ ‘Reunited.’                                           (Granite open book on ground with urn above)
D54 Treasured Memories of/a dear wife and mother/FLORY SCHOFIELD/who passed away/24th June  1960/aged 70 years/ ‘At Rest.’/ Also a loving husband and father/GEORGE SCHOFIELD/who died 1st  Dec. 1977/aged 76 years/ ‘Reunited.’              (Marble)
D55 Wooden Cross with LILIAN KITCHEN written across. [March 1960-aged 62]
D56 Block of Stone – GEORGE WILSON 1910-1959
D57 Block of Stone – TERRY WILSON 1944-1963
D58 In/Loving Memory/of/my dear brother/EDWIN JOHN EAMES/who died 12th Dec. 1966/aged 72 years         (Lichen covered white Marble on plinth)
D59 Treasured/Memories of/WILLIE/DOWSE/died 28th January 1966                 (Small Marble block)
D60 In Loving Memory of/a dear mother/MARY LIZZIE HOBSON/died 7th April 1963/aged 76 years/ ‘To  awake again in heaven.’          (Carved Granite in kerb plot)
D61 In/Loving Memory of/FLORENCE ELIZABETH/SAINT/died 30th January 1963/aged 87 years/ Also/  CHARLES SAINT/died 10th April 1966/aged 86 years           (Grey Marble shouldered)