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C38 In/Affectionate Remembrance of/MARY ANN/the beloved wife of/CHRISTOPHER BARKER/  GEORGE/who died Janry 28th 1890/aged 27 years/ ‘Affliction sore long time I bore/Physicians aid  were vain/but Christ the Chief sent me relief/and eased me of my pain.’               (Domed Stone)
C39 In/Loving Memory of/GEORGE BLAGG/who died at Folkingham/May 16th 1899/aged 47 years/ Also  of/SUSANNAH BLAGG/his wife/born March 13th 1842/died at Bourne/August 15th 1926/ ‘Blessed are  the dead which/die in the Lord.’            (Large Slate, apex top carved with daffodils)
C40 Cross with 3 tier plinth         (East) (1) In/Loving Memory/of (2) MATILDA, wife of/ROBERT GEORGE/born September 21st  1835/ died January 29th 1902 (3) Also of the above/ROBERT GEORGE/who died October 29th  1908/aged 83 years/ ‘Peace Perfect Peace.’        (South) (1) In/Loving Memory/of (2) WILLIAM GEORGE/who died April 24. 1868/aged 81 years/  Also/ (2) CATHERINE/wife of the above/who died August 9th 1880/aged 98 years.   (North)(1) In/Loving Memory/of (2) JANE GEORGE/died Feb. 12th 1904/aged 74 years.
C41 In Loving Memory of/MARY JANE/the beloved wife of/F.W. GEORGE/who died Jany 28th 1913/aged  46 years/ ‘In the midst of life we are/in death’/ Also of FRANCIS WILLIAM/husband of the above/  died April 12th 1941/aged 72 years.                   (Stone Scroll on plinth)
C42 In Affectionate/Remembrance of/WILLIAM S BARNES/who died Novr 5th 1871/aged 67 years/ Also  of/MARY/daughter of the above/who died Jany 2nd 1853/aged 21 years.            (Ornately carved Stone)
C43 In/Loving Memory/of/JANE KIRK/who died Novr 8th 1903/aged 75 years/ Also of/THOMAS KIRK/  who died July 7th 1909/aged 87 years/ ‘After labour, Rest.’             (Apex Slate with carved corners)
C44 In/Ever/Loving Memory/of/JOHN GEORGE DRAYCOTT/who fell asleep/April 25th 1907/aged 49  years/ ‘The gift of God is eternal Life/through Jesus Christ our Lord.’/ Also of SUSANNAH/wife of  the above/who died May 1st 1937/aged 83 years/ ‘At Rest.’                  (Large carved & shaped Stone with I.H.S atop centre)
C45 In Affectionate/Remembrance of/JOHN DRAYCOTT/who peacefully passed away/September 10th  1912/aged 81 years/ ‘Waiting for the coming/of our Lord Jesus Christ.’            (Gothic Stone with I.H.S. entwined atop centre)
C46 In Affectionate/Remembrance of/ELIZABETH/the dearly beloved wife of/JOHN DRAYCOTT/who  peacefully passed away/April 25th 1904/aged 75 years/ ‘Her end was Peace.’            (Gothic Stone with I.H.S. entwined atop centre)
C47 Granite Cross on 3 tiered plinth.         (1) In/Loving Memory of/(2) FREDERIC HAMMER/died Feb. 12th 1910/aged 65 years/(3) Also  WILLIAM HAMMER/died Nov. 23rd 1927/aged 54 years.
C48 In/Loving Memory of/WILLIAM JEREMIAH HAMMER/who died June 26th 1889/aged 72 years/ ‘I  know that my redeemer liveth.’/ Also ELIZABETH/his beloved wife/who died July 21st 1894/aged 76  years.          (Black Marble dome)
C49 In Memorium/FREDERICK BROWN/aged 22/who died/Octr 6th 1872/at Folkingham/during a visit to  his uncle/W.J. HAMMER/ ‘This stone was erected by employees of Messrs. Carver & Mosley  Nottingham/as a permanent token of esteem to a much respected  clerk & beloved friend.’         (Stone Dome with cross in circle atop)
C50 In/Loving Memory/of/THOMAS JOHNSON/(of Laughton)/who passed peacefully away/July 2nd 1924  /aged 56 years/ Also of MARY ANN/his beloved wife/who was accidently killed/Novr 7th 1923/aged  51 years/ ‘Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection of the life.’/ ‘In death they were not divided.’                (Granite with entwined hands in oval atop)
C51 Granite Cross on 3 tiered plinth         (1) In Loving Memory of/ (2) JOSHUA GENDERS/died May 29th 1885/aged 61 years/ELIZABETH  ANN/their daughter/died  March 28th 1912/aged 33years/JAMES FREESTON/their son/died May 14th  1905/aged 49 years (3) Also SARAH/their daughter/died August 12th 1895/aged 23 years/ Also of  ANN, his wife/died April 2nd 1912/aged 80 years.
C52 In loving Memory/of/MARIA PROCTOR/who died/February 21st 1915/aged 69 years/ ‘A few more  years shall roll, a few more seasons come/ and we shall be with those that rest asleep within the tomb.’         (Granite dome with flower inset atop)
C53 In/Loving Memory/of/ETHEL PROCTOR/beloved daughter of/JOSEPH & EMILY HARE/who died  May 17th 1912/aged 17 years/ ‘Thy will be done.’          (Fleur-de-lys shaped headstone)
C54 In/Loving Memory of/THOMAS/EDGAR JOHNSON/born Octr 17th 1906/died Sept 6th 1909/ ‘Christ  will link the broken chains when we meet again.’   (Part of Granite headstone on ground)
C55 In Loving Memory of/ (Left) NORA PILE/died Dec. 7th 1918/aged 15 years/ (Right) ELSIE PILE/died  August 16th 1931 aged 32 years.       (Granite kerbed plot)
C56 In Loving Memory/of/LILIAN E PILE/interred into rest/31st May 1960/ ‘She hath done what she  could.’ Also, /her dear/husband/BERTIE A PILE/interred into rest/9th Feb. 1984/aged 90             (Granite open book)
C57 In ever/Loving Memory of/HENRY PILE/born June 8th 1861/ ‘Called home.’ Jan. 22nd 1927/ ‘Peace,  perfect Peace.’/ Also/his beloved wife/ELIZABETH ANN PILE/died April 27th 1938/aged 76 years /  ‘She hath done what she could’.          (Figure holding large cross on plinth in Granite kerbed plot)
C58 In Loving Memory/of/GEORGE WILFRED PILE/died Nov. 12th 1931/aged 36 years.                     (Plain granite)
C59 In/Loving Memory of/EDMUND PILE/who died 19th March 1937/aged 78 years/ Also of/LOUISA  LEONORA/beloved wife of above/died 6th January 1945/aged 77 years/ ‘Reunited.’              (Stone with cross engraved top Left /Sympathy in top Right)
C60 To/my dear wife/JANE PILE/who died 20th July 1937/aged 67 years/ Also/JOHN PILE/husband of the  above/who died 4th August 1954/aged 87 years.      (Stone on 2 tier plinth in Kerbed plot)
C61 In/Loving/Memory of/HARRIET ANN/CLARK 1876-1922/WILLIAM CLARK/1886-1948/HILDA  ALBERTA CLARK/1898-1971                 (Stone)
C62 In/Memory of/ROBERT SCHWIND/died/5th Jan 1978/aged 75/and his wife/HELEN MARY/died 10th  Dec 1976/aged 84.               (Marble)
C63 In Loving Memory/GEORGE HAROLD/SCHWIND/1869-1966/and/DORIS SCHWIND/his wife/  1889-1968.                    (Thick Stone with a cross on both sides)
C64 Plain Cross on 3 tier plinth          (2) EMILY SOPHIA SCHWIND/2nd Aug 1928
C65 Celtic Granite Cross          (East) Sacred to the Memory of/LUCY ELIZABETH/beloved wife of/CUTHBERT EDWARD  BRADLEY/born Oct. 8. 1861 died Dec. 25. 1939/ Also of the above named/CUTHBERT EDWARD  BRADLEY/born Apr.2. 1861/died Nov.25. 1941/ ‘Are united in Christ’s keeping’   (North)JOHN HENRY H. BRADLEY/7/R.W.Y. Reg./born at Folkingham/Apr. 3. 1900/died in Ireland  /Nov. 21. 1918/Beloved younger son of/LUCY E. BRADLEY & CUTHBERT E. BRADLEY/R.I.P. (South) To the Memory of/THOMAS CUTHBERT/HEATHCOTE BRADLEY/beloved son of/  CUTHBERT EDWARD and/LUCY ELIZABETH BRADLEY/died 7. Feb. 1972/aged 74 years/  ‘Reunited’
C66 2 Grey Marble Crosses on 3 tier plinths & a stone between set in a kerb plot.    1(1) In/Loving Memory/of/ (2) my dearest husband/THOMAS ARTHUR ROBERT/HEATHCOTE (3) born April 2nd 1863/fell asleep August 7th 1916/ ‘I am the resurrection and the life.’   ‘Thy will be done.’          2(1) In/Loving Memory/of/ (2) my dearest mother/EVELYN HEATHCOTE/who fell asleep/Dec. 1st  1921(3) (at Bournmouth)/aged 53 years/ ‘God have you in his keeping/in Paradise.’   (Marble stone)-In Loving Memory of/KATHLEEN EVELYN/daughter of/THOMAS & EVELYN  HEATHCOTE/fell asleep 9TH Oct. 1970/aged 74 years/ ‘Peace, perfect peace.’
C67 In Loving Memory of/WILLIAM LIONEL HEATHCOTE/died 19th May 1961/ ‘Come unto me.’/ Also  of his wife/ALICE MABEL HEATHCOTE/died 29th October 1972/ ‘Reunited.’                  (Black Marble enclosed in kerb plot)
C68 In Memory of/ANN/ wife of/JAMES RUDKIN/died 28th October 1918/aged 69 years/and her/beloved husband/JAMES RUDKIN/died 15th Jan. 1940/aged 85 years.    (Large Granite Cross)
C69 And their daughters/MARY ELIZABETH/1881-1972/and/FLORENCE AGNES/1894-1972.                 (Flat Granite stone at foot of C68)
C70 In Memory of/GEORGE HENRY/RUDKIN M.C./son of/JAMES & ANN RUDKIN/died 28th October  1918/aged 33years.        (Large Granite Cross)
C71 Grey Marble Cross on 3 tier plinth set in kerb plot.       (1) In/Affectionate/Remembrance of/ (2) THOMAS WILLIAM STANTON/M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P./died  28th September 1962/aged 91 years/ (3) Also of ALICE MAUD his wife/died 24th February 1962/aged 94 years/ ‘Reunited.’

D – Far North of Churchyard
D1 To the dear Memory/of MARTHA KNOWLES/widow of the late/RICHARD KNOWLES/who died /10th April 1935/in her 83rd year/ ‘Till the day dawn.’                 (Tall Granite block)
D2 In/Loving Memory/of ELEANOR KNOWLES/Spring Farm, Folkingham/born March 18th 1884/died  May 2nd 1935.           (White Marble in broken kerb plot)
D3 In Loving Memory of/CHARLES DUCKETT/who died May 15th 1926/aged 69 years/ ‘Rest after  weariness/Peace after pain.’/ Also of HARRIET FANNY/his wife/who died Oct. 31st 1930/aged 59  years/ ‘At Rest.’         (Stone in kerb plot)
D4 In Loving Memory of/CAROLINE WARD/who passed away/Dec. 9th 1930/aged 68 years/ ‘Love’s last  gift: Remembrance.’/ Also/TOM WARD/who died Novr 22nd 1935/aged 78 years.         (Stone)
D5 In Loving Memory of/FREDERICK KNOWLES/died June 18th 1939/aged 50 years/ ‘Abide with me.’                (Granite Cross on plinth)
D6 In/Loving Memory/of/ARTHUR HARNESS/who passed away/ (at St. Marks Hospital, London) /  October 4th 1925/aged 40 years/ ‘A good life hath but few days/but a good name endure forever.’              (White Marble ornate headstone with Cross and lilies set in broken kerb plot)
D7 Cherished Memory of/SARAH ELLEN FLETCHER/21st May 1900/2nd Nov. 1951/ ‘Beloved by all’                   (Stone set in kerb plot)