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C - West of the Church, north of small path.
Eroded and illegible Stone.
C1 Large Slab inlaid in ground – G.C: J.C.
C2 Sacred to the Memory of/FLORENCE EMILY HEATH who entered into rest May 28th 1937.  [Cannon FRANCIS VALENTINE HEATH, Rector of this Parish 38 years. April 21st 1944]                                                                                                                   (Large eroded kerbed Stone plot)
C3 In loving Memory /of/PHYLLIS CHARLOTTE/CASSWELL/who passed away on/June 25th1971/aged  71 years/ ‘Greatly missed by all her family.’/ Also of CHARLES/GODFREY/ CASSWELL/who  passed away on 24th April 1974.                               (Square ornately shaped Stone)
C4 In Memory of/JOSEPH HOWITT/who entered into rest/August 28 : 1922/aged 74 years/ ‘To dwell  with Christ/which is better life.’/ And of CATHERINE his wife/aged 87 years/ She adorned the  doctrine of God our Saviour/and fell on sleep March 22 : 1938/ Also MINNIE/ eldest daughter of the  above/died at Hove. April 20 : 1955.                               (Ornate topped Stone)
C5 In Memorium/RICHARD HOWITT/died October 25th 1859/aged 86 years/ Also SARAH relict of the  above/died September 14th 1840/aged 67 years./ RICHARD HOWITT died June 25th 1839/aged 40  years/ Also/ ALICE relict of the above/died February 16th 1867 aged 69 years.          (Large Granite)
C6 In/affectionate Remembrance of/RICHARD/the loving husband of/ELLEN HOWITT/and eldest son of  RICHARD & SARAH HOWITT/who died May 3. 1883/aged 36 years/ Also of/WILLIAM youngest  son of/RICHARD & SARAH HOWITT/who died July 3. 1882/aged 26 years.           (Large Granite)                                                                                                     
C7 In/loving Remembrance of RICHARD/the beloved husband of/SARAH HOWITT/who died after a  very brief illness/April 21. 1885 aged 64 years/ ‘In the midst of life, we are in death.’/ Also SARAH  the wife of the above who fell asleep on June 6. 1894/aged 72 years/ Also of/ MARGARET ALICE  GAMBLE/granddaughter of the above/who died April 13. 1905/aged  7 months.                                          (Large Granite with barley carved edge laid flat on the ground)
C8 Sacred/to the Memory of/ELIZABETH, wife of/EDWARD BRITTAIN/who died Sepr 27th 1853/ aged  63 years/ ‘No word of praise write on my tomb/since there’s a judgment yet to come/Leave all to God,  who justly knows/and more than we deserve bestows.’/ Also of HARRIET, daughter of the above/who  died Decr 26. 1834 aged 16 years/ Also / to the Memory of/EDWARD BRITTAIN/who died June 8th  1877/aged 87 years.                         (Ornate Slate)
C9 In Memory of/SAINT, daughter of/JOHN and MARY BUGG/who died December 17th 1833/ aged 16  years/ ‘Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord.’/ Also of/ANN, daughter of JOHN and MARY  BUGG/who died May 1st 1836/aged 10 years/ Likewise, of/HENRY, son of the above/who died an  infant.                                                                                                (Square Slate)
C10 In/affectionate/Remembrance of/ELIZA CROOKHORN/who died/March 10th 1853/aged 45 years/  ‘Looking for the blessed hope/and glorious appearing /of the great God and our/ Saviour Jesus Christ.’                                                                                                          (Narrow Slate)
C11 In/loving Memory of/EDITH HOLMES/died 23rd Nov. 1988/aged 85 years / ‘At Peace.’ / And her dear  husband/JOHN HENRY HOLMES/died 20th Jan. 1995/aged 94 years/  ‘Reunited.’
C12 In loving Memory of/LESLIE BEN HOLMES/died 23: July 1956/aged 49 years.
C13 In/Memory of/WILLIAM HOLMES/who died January 5th 1903/aged 70 years/ Also his nephew/  ALFRED CECIL HOLMES/who died August 30th 1899/aged 21 years/ ‘Thy will be done.’
C14 In loving/Memory of BEN HOLMES /died Nov. 23: 1952/aged 84/ And /FANNY ELIZABETH/  HOLMES/died Dec. 23: 1954/aged 87.

C15 Sacred/to the Memory of/WILLIAM SPEIGHT/who departed this life/December the 8th/1852/ aged 30  years/ ‘Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.’/ Also of/FRANCES/wife of the above/who died  March 9th 1868/aged 54 years/ ‘This is a faithful saying, and worthy/of all acception, that Christ Jesus  came into the world to save sinners.’                (Slate)
Slab with grass growing on it.
C16 In/Memory of/ELIZABETH, the wife of/JOHN ROSE/who departed this life/June 13th 1870/aged  44years/ ‘Be ye so ready, for in such an hour/as ye think not the son of man cometh.’            (Slate)                                                                                                                        
C17 In/Memory of/JANE, the wife of/JOHN ROSE/who departed this life/February 2nd 1848/aged 29 years/  ‘Eternal God, guide thou the mind/of those whom I have left behind;/O grant the power of thy word/  may teach their souls to serve the Lord.’/ Also of JOHN, infant son of the above/who died April 2nd  1848/aged 3 months.                                                                           (Slate)
C18 In/loving Memory/of/JOHN ROSE/who departed this life/January 5th 1898/aged 83 years/ ‘Looking  unto Jesus.’                                                                                      (Large Gothic Granite)
C19 In/affectionate/Remembrance of/REBECCA ROSE/who departed this life/October 20th 1878/ aged 37  years/ ‘Not…./….’                (Gothic Stone with a rose atop-only partly legible)
C20 In/affectionate Remembrance/of/HERBERT ROSE/who died at Leicester/October 27th 1884/ aged 28  years/….                      (Remaining inscription illegible-Gothic Stone with a rose atop)
C21 Marble Cross on 3 tiered plinth.
(1)In ever loving Memory/of/ (2) KATE ROSE/born June 16th 1869/entered into rest January 8th 1899/  (3) ‘Thanks be to God which giveth us the victory/Through our Lord Jesus Christ.’
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       (1)In ever loving Memory/of/ (2) KATE ROSE/born June 16th 1869/entered into rest January 8th 1899/  (3) ‘Thanks be to God which giveth us the victory/Through our Lord Jesus Christ.’
C22 In/loving Remembrance/of/ALICE MARY ROSE/who passed into the higher life/April 5th 1925/aged  80 years/ Also of CLARA ROSE/entered into rest/Sept 18th 1926/aged 66 years/  ‘Thy will be done.’                                                                (Gothic Stone with a rose carved atop)
C23 In Memory of/EVELINE HARRIETT/fourth child of/THOS & SARAH CASWELL/born Dec 19th 186   died ….20.1867/ ‘Thine is the Kingdom of Heaven.’                  (Plinth Stone)
C24 REGINALD CASSWELL/grandson of/THOMAS & SARAH/born Manchester/8th Feb. 1907/ died  Brisbane Australia/24th Nov. 1974/Loving husband of Lucy Jean/father of Beth & Cliff.  ‘Happy  Memories.’                                                                             (Granite Plaque at foot of C23)
C25 In/loving Memory/of/GEORGE BLYTHE/1920-2004/ Also/of his wife/FRANCES ELIZABETH/  1921-2009                                                                 (Black Marble modern headstone)
C26 (South) In ever loving Memory of/EDWARD BARRAND/who died August 29th 1941/aged 66 years.  (North) Also his wife/ELIZABETH BARRAND/who died August 3rd 1968/aged 90 years.  (East) ‘At Rest.’                                                                       (Large grey Marble kerbed plot)
C27 In/loving Memory of/DAVID VINCI RHODES/died April 23rd 1931.                                                                                                                              (Small Stone Cross on plinth set in a kerbed plot)
C28 (West) To the Memory of/ (North) SARAH ANN HERRING born May 27th 1870. Died 2nd January  1951. (East) and their daughter CYBELLE AUGUSTA HERRING 16th January 1894 -13th April 1956.  (South)….JOHN FREDERICK HERRING 7th February 1880 -16th July 1937.                                                                                                  (Large square Marble kerbed plot)
C29 (West) To the Memory of/ (North)KATHERINE MARSHALL HERRING 31st May 1882 -16th March  1963. (East) illegible. (South) The Reverend HUGH HERRING 22nd November  1892 -29th November  1964.                                                                (Large Marble kerbed plot)
C30 In loving Memory/of/ROY HERRING/1909-1994/R.I.P.           (Small Stone between C28 & C29)

C31 In loving/Memory of/ALICE MARY TUXWORTH/WHO DIED Feb. 16th 1959/aged 79/ Also of her  husband/WILLIAM GEORGE TUXWORTH/who died Oct. 30th 1962/aged 86/  ‘Reunited.’ /  MICHAEL PHILIP TUXWORTH (grandson)/2nd Jan. 1947-9th Jan. 2001/ father of NAOMI.                                                                                                                                             (Marble)
C32 Large 5 foot Marble Cross on 3 tier plinth        (1) In loving Memory/of/SAMUEL TUXWORTH (2) died July 26th 1887/aged 53 years/ Also of  ELIZABETH/his wife/died June 22nd 1923/aged 79 years/ ‘Thy will be done.’   (North)(1) Also their  daughter. (2) FLORENCE ANN /born Sept.16th 1884/died March 28th 1885/ ‘In Jesus keeping.’                                   
C33 In Memory of/NAOMI TUXWORTH/died 19th March 1868/aged 37 years/ ‘The Lord gave and the  Lord hath taken away. Blessed/be the name of the Lord.’….               (Ornate apex granite headstone)                                 
C34 In Affectionate/Remembrance of/MARY ANN/the beloved wife of/THOMAS BROOMFIELD/who  departed this life/January 13th 1868/aged 37 years/ ‘Gently and lowly the Lord laid her to rest/Safe  with the holy, at home with the blest.’                                               (Slate)
C35 In Affectionate/Remembrance of/AMELIA/the beloved wife of/JOSEPH BLAND/who departed this  life/Janry 4th 1884/aged 39 years.                   (Very ornate Gothic Granite headstone)
C36 (South) In/Remembrance of/ANNIE A BLAND/who died May 23rd 1876/aged 6 years.    (East) In Remembrance of/FREDRIC BLAND/who died [May 23rd] 1876/aged 9 years.   (North) In Remembrance of/FANNY BLAND/who died May 23rd 1876/aged 3 years.      (West) Also/3 children/who died in infancy.                                                                  (Granite Block)
C37 In Affectionate/Remembrance of/THOMAS MARKHAM/who departed this life/February 13th1876/  aged 35 years/ ‘Pray look on me as you pass by/As you are now and once was I/but as I am, you must  be/ Therefore prepare to follow me.’                                                                     (Slate)