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B77 Sacred/to the Memory of/WILLIAM WARD/who departed this life/April 28th 1804/aged 77 years.                                                                                                                                  (Small Slate)

B78 Near this spot/are deposited the remains of/CHARLES HARRISON/late Collector of Excise/ who  departed this life/July 5th/1801/in the 65th year of his age.
(Square ornate Slate with classical figure at top centre)

B79 To the Memory of/EDWARD HARRISON/who died April ye 19th 1787/aged 71 years/ Also  ELIZABETH wife/of the said EDWARD HARRISON/who die Sepr ye 21st 1765/aged 56 years/   Likewise 2 of their children, died infants. / ‘The Lord gave and the Lord taketh away. Blessed be the  name of the Lord.’                     (Large Slate with classical figure at top centre)

B80 In Memory of/JOHN WILMER/who departed this life/April 7th 1805/aged 68 years/ Also / REBECCA  wife of JOHN WILMER/who departed this life/May 27th 1803/aged 61 years/ ‘The Lord gave & the  Lord taketh away. /Blessed be the name of the Lord,’                           (Slate)

B81 In Memory of JOSEPH CARTER/who died December 26th/1830/ aged 71 years. / Also of/ MARY  wife of the above/who died May 26th/1822/aged 49 years. / ‘All you that live and here pass by/As you  are now, so once was I./As I am now, so must you be./Therefore prepare to follow me.’                                                                                                   (Slate with filigree inset pattern)

B82 Here/lieth the body of/JOHN CARTER/who died Novr 3rd 1793/aged 45 years./ ‘With pain and  sickness wasted to the bone/Long time to gracious heaven I made my mone/Til God at length to my  complaint gave ear/And sent kind death to ease my grief and care/And here my  poor wither’d body  must remain/Til God thro’ Christ shall make it bloom again.’ / Also…. of JOSEPH and MARY  CARTER…. Died Janry 17 1793 who died in their infancy.     (Ornate Slate with urn atop)

1 fallen stone face down on ground.

B83 In loving Memory of/JAMES BLAGG/who died Oct. 19th 1857/aged 34 years/ ‘Rest after weariness.’/  Also a daughter died in infancy.            (Gothic Stone with daffodils engraved in oval atop)

B84 In loving Memory of/SAMUEL KIRK/who died Augst 25th 1903/aged 83 years/ ‘His end was peace.’/  Also of/ANN KIRK/who died Decr 5th 1912/aged 85 years.        (Gothic Stone with daffodils)

B85 In loving Memory of/SARAH ANN/the beloved wife of/GEORGE WHEAL/who died Augst3rd 1915/  aged 49 years                                        (Gothic Stone with daffodils engraved in oval atop)

B86 To the Memory of/WILLIAM COTTAM/who departed this life/May 30th 1851/aged 49 years                           (Slate)                                                                                                                                             
B87 Erected/To the Memory of/SARAH, wife of/WILLIAM TATHAM/who died Novr 8th/1855/ aged 60  years/ ‘Looking for that blessed hope and/The glorious appearing of the great/God, even our Saviour  Jesus Christ.’/ Also of/WILLIAM TATHAM/who died Novr 9th 1857/aged 66 years.                                                                                                                            (Large Slate)

B88 Here I lie depositely ye remains/of I WILLIAM WADE/who departed this life//on the 16th day of May/  1819/aged 50 years/ ‘Each lonely scene shall thee restore/For thee the tear be duly need/Beloved til life  …..       (Granite with engraved columns-urn in circle inscribed ‘Life’s a Vapour’)  
B89 To/the Memory of/JOHN WADE/who died Octr 27th 1825/aged 54 years/ Also of/THOMAS, his son,  an infant/ ‘The evening saw me healthy, joyous, gay/The morning found me stricken for the tomb/And  lingering death wore all my strength away/Without a hope of life to cheer the gloom/Then let not youth  or vaunting manhood say/My health and strength shall many seasons last/When Christ shall judge of all  our…..’                                                     (Large Slate)

B90 To/the Memory of ANN/the wife of JOHN BOYD/who died Octr 11th 1829/aged 24 years/ ‘Hail sacred  shade, hail venerable yews, away worn stranger your protection sues …. The bloom of life has run her  race …. shallow place.’                                            (Large Granite)

B91 Sacred/to the Memory of/JOHN BIGLEY/who departed this life/February 10th 1842/aged 59 years/  Also of/SARAH BIGLEY/his wife/who departed this life/April 19th 1846/aged 61 years/ ‘Death was no  terror, or surprise to them. For their lamp was trimmed and their light burning.’       (Large ornate Slate)                                                                                                         
 Back row at wall.
B92 Sacred/to the Memory of/ISHMAEL HAMMER/who died Septr 10th 1855/aged 73 years/ ‘In sure and  certain hope of the /Resurrection to eternal life/Through our Lord Jesus Christ.’/  Also of/MARY relict  of the above/who died March 2nd 1859/aged 72 years/ ‘Thy Kingdom Come.’                                                                                                                  (Ornate Stone Cross)
B93 ISHMAEL/HAMMER/1841         (Small Stone)
B94 FRANCES/EASTLAND/1845                                                                           (Small narrow Granite)
B95 Erected/to the Memory of/BENJN TATHAM/who departed this life/December the 11th/1855/ aged 70  years/ ‘Affliction dug this grave for me/And time is digging thine for thee.’/ Also of/ CATHERINE, his  daughter/who died August 7th 1860/aged 27 years/ ‘In thee the…. Find thy mercy.’           (Large Slate)                                                                                                     
B96 Sacred/to the Memory of/ELIZABETH/wife of/THOMAS DREWRY/who died/Sepr 10th  1857/aged 72  years/ ‘The hour is near, consigned to death I own the just decree: Saviour with  my last parting breath  I’ll cry, remember me.’/ Also of/THOMAS DREWRY/who died Sepr  9th 1876/aged 88 years.                                                                                             (Large ornate Slate)
Sunken eroded coped tomb.    
B97 Sacred/to the Memory of/ELIZABETH/relict of/JAMES HUSBAND/of Florence, and daughter of/  WILLIAM and ELIZ. BARKER/of Ingoldsby/born 1790/died Octr 15th 1864.               (Ornate Stone)         
Low square stone-eroded and illegible.          
B98 In loving Memory/of/my dear husband/JOHN VAMPLEW/….who passed away (Sept. 19th 1899)                                                                                      (Stone Cross with foliage and flowers)
B99  Sacred/to the Memory of/ROBERT BARRAND/who died Octor 4th 1818/aged 47 years/ ‘He was one  that feared the Lord/True and faithful to his word/A good husband, a true friend/ And all his life in  peace did spend.’/ Also/of ROBERT his son/who died April 24th 1815/aged 18  years/ ‘Weep not for  me my parents dear/It is the Lord we must him fear/A loving son, tender and dear/The same was he  that sleepest here.’                                               (Tall narrow Granite)
B100 In affectionate/Remembrance of/MARY ELIZTH CASWELL/daughter of/THOMAS & SARAH  CASWELL/who departed this life/May 7th 1876/aged 23 years/ ‘We cannot, Lord thy purpose see/But  all is well that’s done by thee.                                                                    (Slate)
B101 Sacred/to the Memory of/ELIZABETH STREDDER/formerly the widow of/ROBERT BARRAND /  who departed this life/January the 19th/1833/aged 60 years/ ‘My days are now forever past and here I  humbly rest/In hope thro’ Christ’s atoning blood to be forever blest.’               (Large Slate)                                                                                                                                                                                 B102 In/Memory of/SAMUEL S HARTLEY… [Dec. 1871 aged 62 years]                                                                                                                                               (Stone with broken top circle on ground)