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B54 To the Memory of/ANN the widow/of the late/JOHN WILLOUGHBY/of Bourne/who departed this  life/Janry 7th 1804/aged 72 years/ ‘Here lies a tender mother dear, since she is one I greatly fear,/So  good a friend is hard to find/To them that she has left behind.’           (Narrow Slate with engraved top)

B55 Sacred/to the Memory of/JANE BLAND/who departed this life/May the 19th/1830/aged 77 years.                                                                                                                                 (Plain Slate)

B56 To/the Memory of/JOHN BLAND/who died March 25th 1797/aged 75 years 6 weeks & 4 days/Also of  JANE his widow/who died May 11th 1797/aged 75 years 6 weeks & 4 days./ ‘Low here we lie by our  dear babes/All covered with cold clay/Hoping at last to rise again/At the great judgment day.’     (Very ornate Slate with oval I.H.S top right, a classic figure holding a scroll centre reads – ‘Lay hold  upon/Hope as a flame/And heartfelt/Anchor of the soul.’)

B57 Erected/To the Memory of/WILLIAM BLAND/who departed this life/July the 28th 1831/ aged 75 years  / Also of/MARY, relict of/the above, who departed this life/March the 6th 1850/ aged 85 years.                                                                               ( Square Slate with embezzled edges)

B58 In Memory of/SARAH the wife of/WILLM BLAND/who departed this life April 22nd/1794/ aged 31/  ‘Angels attend her dear departed shade:/I loved her living and lament her dead,/ My loss I hope her  eternal gain.’                                        (Very ornate Slate with inscription in centre oval)

4 Stones eroded and illegible

B59 Sacred/to the Memory of/MARY, the affectionate wife of/ISAAC BALDWICK/who died July 3rd  1829, aged 28 years/ ‘Mourn not for me/’Tis all in vain/Great was your loss/But  greater is my gain.’                          (Slate with classic female figure in centre and a rose either side)

B60 In hope of a joyful resurrection to eternal life/through the mercy of God and merits of her/ Redeemer/  rests the body of SOPHIA the/daughter of/WILLIAM/and AMY BERRY/who/ was/ released from the  evils of this frail/world/on the 5th day of April 1816/aged 24 years/ ‘Forgive blest shade, the tributary  tear,/That mourn thy exit from a world like this/Forgive the wish that would have kept thee here/And  said thy progress to the feat of bliss.’
(Large Slate with urn atop & carved side pillars-very ornate script)
B61 In hope of a joyful resurrection to eternal life/through the mercy of God and the merits of her/  Redeemer/rests the body of AMY/the wife of/WILLIAM BERRY/who was released from the evils of  this frail world/on the 1st day of March 1811/aged 64 years/ ‘In uniform piety to God,/ Warm  benevolence to her fellow creatures,/Domestic affection and unaffected sincerity,/She exhibited that  which speaks/With more than the tongues of men or of angels,/Which is more instructive than  precept, /more persuasive than eloquence,/more authoritively commanding than law,/The amiable and  pleasing example.’/This Memorial of due regard and esteem is placed by an afflicted husband and two  sorrowing daughters.   (Large Slate with urn atop & carved side pillars-very ornate script)

B62 In hope of a joyful resurrection to eternal life/through the mercy of God and the merits of his/  Redeemer/rests the body of/WILLIAM BERRY/Surgeon and Apothecary/who, after many years of/  useful study and extensive practice/in his profession/was released from the evils/of this frail world/on  the 2nd day of September 1817/aged 72 years/ ‘No pain, nor grief, nor anxious fear/Can reach my  tender parent here,/But free from care and mortal woes,/Good  angels guard his sweet repose.’
(Large green Slate with urn atop & carved side pillars-very ornate script)

B63 In/Memory of/JOHN WHITE/who departed this life/July the 23rd/1834/aged 60 years.
(Slate with ornate top & scrolls)

B64 Sacred/to the Memory of/FANNY, the wife of/WILLIAM WARD/who departed this life/ February the  22nd 1855/aged 79 years/ ‘I know that my Redeemer liveth, and/That he shall stand at the latter  day/Upon the earth, and though after my/Skin worms destroy this body, yet in/My flesh, shall I see  God: whom I shall/See for myself, and mine eyes shall/Behold and not  another.’                                                                                                              (Slate with ornate top)

B65 Sacred/to the Memory of/WILLIAM WARD/who departed this life/February 5th/1851/aged 83 years /  ‘The days of our age are threescore years and ten, and though men may be/So strong that they come to/  Fourscore years: yet is their/Strength then but labour and/Sorrow, so soon passeth it away/And we  are  gone.’                                                                                      (Slate)

B66 Sacred/to the Memory of/ANN the wife of/WILLIAM WARD/who departed this life/July 7th 1804/  aged 38 years/ Also two children who died in/their infancy.            (Granite with ornate top)

B67 Sacred/to the Memory of/ANN WARD/who departed this life/May 19th 1813/aged 20 years.  (Granite)

B68 Sacred/to the Memory of/MARIA WARD/who departed this life/September 16th/1816/aged 20 years.                                                                                                                                       (Granite)

B69 Sacred/to the Memory of/JAMES WARD/who departed this life/September 17th/1824/aged  26 years.                                                                                                                                       (Granite)

B70 Sacred/to the Memory/of/JOHN WARD/who departed this life/May the 5th/1862/aged 67  years.                                                                            (Large plain broken Slate, half on the ground)

B71 Affectionate/Remembrance of/WILLIAM WARD/who departed this life/October 17th 1869/ aged 78  years/ ‘Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.’                 (Large broken Slate on ground)

B72 Sacred/to the Memory of/THOMAS WARD/who departed this life October 13th 1817/aged 42 years.                                                                                                                                      (Small Slate)

B73 Sacred/to the Memory of/FRANCES the wife of/THOMAS WARD/who departed this life/ November  29th 1812/aged 36 years.                                                                            (Small Slate)

B74 Sacred/to the Memory of/MARY WARD/who departed this life/April 6th/1844/in the 71st year of her/  age.                                                                                                                     (Small Slate)

B75 Sacred/to the Memory of/EDWARD WARD/who departed this life/December 1st 1807/aged 36 years.                                                                                                                              (Small Slate)

B76 Sacred/to the Memory of/MARY wife of/WILLM WARD Sen./who departed this life/January 25th  1818/aged 78 years.                                                                                                      (Small Slate)