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B33 Sacred/to the Memory of/THOMAS WING/Who was Postmaster of this/town upwards of 28 years/  who departed this life/July 25th 1839/in the 78th year of his/age.             (Decorated Slate)

B34 Sacred/to the Memory of/HANNAH SMITH/who departed this life/on the 20th of Octr 1852/ aged 87  years/ ‘Jesus alone from sin can save/And give us victory o’er the grave.’           (Slate)

B35 Top Left corner – RESPISE. Top Right corner – FINEM.
Here/lieth interr’d ye body of/REBECCA the wife of/RICHARD BISHOP/who departed this life/ July  the 27th/in the year of our Lord/MDCCXLIX/aged LVIII.                     (Decorated Slate)

B36 Sacred/to the Memory of/ANN, daughter of/HARVEY and FRANCES/GEORGE/who departed this  life/November 27th/1850/aged 52 years/ ‘Yea though I walk through the valley/ Of the shadow of  death, I will fear no/Evil: for thou art with me, thy rod and/Thy staff comfort me.’           (Slate)                                                                                                                 

B37 To/the Memory of/RICHARD BISHOP/who departed this life/Augt the 6th 1770/ aged 70 years.                                                                                                                                                (Slate)
1 eroded and illegible stone

B38 (Large Slate with two vertical inscriptions).
(Left) To/ the Memory/of/ROBT GEORGE/who died July 15th/1836/aged 78 years.
(Right) To/the Memory of/MARY GEORGE/the wife of/ROBT GEORGE/who died Novr ye 2nd/  1815/aged 53 years.

B39 In/Memory of/ROBT. the son of/THOS and MARY/BURKITT/who died Janry 28th/1809/aged 13 years/  Also an infant/ ‘Remember thy creator/In the days of ….’                             (Small Slate)

Eroded and illegible stone laid down.
B40 To the Memory of/WILLIAM PIGGINS/who died March 31st 1793/aged 58 years/ Also  ELIZABETH  his wife/who died April 29th 1774: aged 31 years/ Likewise three of their children/who died in their  infancy/ Also ELIZTH his second wife/who died Novbr 19th 1775: aged 28 years/ Likewise five children  by FRANCES/his third wife who died in their infancy/ ‘From this hard journey here on earth/….’    [the rest is buried!]                                              (Large Slate)

B41 Sacred/to the Memory of/THOMAS CROPLEY/who departed this life/January 25th 1813/aged 72  years.                                                                                                                (Slate)

B42 Sacred/to the Memory of/ESTHER the wife of/THOMAS CROPLEY/who departed this life/  February 16th 1809/aged 64 years.                                                                                      (Slate)

B43 To/the Memory of/WILLIAM CROPLEY/who departed this life/November 25th 1766/ aged 62.                                                                                                                               (Small Slate)

B44 In/Memory of/JOHN CROPLEY/who died Febry 26th/1804/in the 31st year of his/age/ ‘Absent or dead  … a friend be dear/…..’ [ the rest is buried!]                                                       (Small Granite)

B45 In Memory of/ELIZABETH CROPLEY/who died….25th Janry 1788/…….
(Eroded Stone ornately carved atop)

B46 To/ the Memory of/ANN the wife of/WILLIAM CROPLEY/who departed this life/June 8th 1765 aged  62/years.                                                                                        (Very ornate Granite)

2 eroded and illegible stones, one laid down.
B47 To the Memory of/THOMAS WOOD/who departed this life/April 19th 1774/aged 64 years/ ‘Our time  on earth is call’d & span/Also uncertain unto man/………’ [the rest is buried!] (Very decorative Slate)

4 eroded and illegible stones.

B48 Sacred/to the Memory of/HARVEY GEORGE/son of/HARVEY & FRANCES GEORGE/Who  departed this life/February 17th/1844/aged 51 years/ ‘To us it appears mysterious that he/Should be  snatched away in the midst/Of a life of usefulness’: but ‘My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are  your ways my ways, saith the Lord.’                                          (Slate)

2 large eroded and illegible stones.

B49 In Memory of/HARVY GEORGE/who departed this life/August ye 22nd 1812/aged 58 years/ Also, an  infant/ Also of/FRANCES, widow of/the above/who died Feb.10th  1852/aged 85 years.                                                                                       (Shouldered Slate with engraved sides)

B50 Sacred/to the Memory of/WILLIAM GEORGE/son of/HARVEY & FRANCES GEORGE/ who  departed this life/March 9th 1842/aged 41 years/ ‘It is the Lord: let him do what/Seemeth  him good.’                                                                                                                                (Square Slate)
Square stone with carved top-eroded and illegible.

B51 Sacred/to the Memory of/JOHN COLLINGTON/who was buried Dec. 31st 1808/aged 70  years/ Also  of ELIZTH COLLINGTON/widow of the above/JOHN COLLINGTON/who was buried March 28th  1817/aged 73 years.          (Lg. Slate ornately carved with a classical figure atop with the word HOPE )

B52 Sacred/to the Memory of/MARY PYKE/who was buried/November 19th 1828/aged 85 years.
                                                    (Large Slate with ornate top and classical figure)

B53 Sacred/to the Memory of/LOUISA HEADLEY/who departed this life/the 22nd of March/1831 /aged 21  years/ ‘Then shall the dust return to the/Earth as it was: and the spirit shall/Return unto God who gave  it.’                                                                                                      (Square Slate)