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(2) In Loving/Memory of/KATHLEEN/MARY/WADSWORTH/1901-1989.  
 (3) DORIS/ELIZABETH/CHRISTIAN/dearly loved wife/mum & grandma/born 5th May  1928/Reunited 6th January 2005/with her husband/WILLIAM ERNEST ‘BILL’ CHRISTIAN.

5 low eroded stones – illegible.

B17 Small broken stone on plinth.
Affectionate Remembrance of/SARAH JANE/the revered and only child of/CHARLES &  ELIZABETH STENNET/who died February 11th 1866/in the 16th year of her age.

B18 Small Slate resting on wall.

 3 Stones centre one with cherubs & crown at top, eroded and illegible.

B19 In Perpetuate/the Memory of/MARY, the wife of/WM HARMSTON/who departed this life/ February 25th 1815/in the 42nd year of her/age./ ‘Stay! Read! Reflect while this you view/ Who next  will die–uncertain–why not you?’                                                   (Slate with engraved sides.)

B20 In/Memory of/JACKSON, son of/ROBERT and SARAH GEORGE,/who died Janry 11th/1848 / aged  21 years./ ‘Grieve not for me my race is run./Father of Heaven thy will be done.’           (Slate)

B21 Sacred/to the Memory of/ELIZABETH/the wife of/WILLIAM JOHNSON/who died the 5th July / 1839  /aged 38 years./Also one child who died/in its infancy.

1 stone eroded and illegible

B22 Sacred/to the Memory of/JANE WARD/(formerly the wife of/WILLIAM JOHNSON)/who departed  this life/May 16th 1839/aged 70 years./ ‘Why should we wish her life to crave/Upon this sinful earth,/  Since the Lord has pow’r to save/Us from that dreadful death.’                    (Lg. Slate)

B23 Sacred/to the Memory of/MARY, daughter of/JOHN & ANN JOHNSON/who departed this life/  January 20th/1847/aged 15 years/ ‘Boast not thyself of tomorrow, for thou/Knowest not what a day may  bring forth.’                                                                                                  (Slate)
Fallen Cross lying in front on ground.

B24 Sacred/to the Memory of/SAMUEL, the son of/WILLM & SUSANNAH BANKS/who departed this  life/ May 16th 1839/aged 28 years./ ‘O parents dear, weep not for me, nor yet be  over sad,/The fewer  years I liv’d on earth, the fewer sins I had,/My days are now for ever past, and there securely rest,/In  humble hope that I with Christ, shall be for ever blest.’                    (Slate)

Small stone initialled -  ?B/1816.

B25 In Memory of/CAROLINE, daughter of/WILLM & SUSANNAH BANKS/who died Novr. 16th 1820/  aged 9 years/ ‘For her each gentle bosom grieves;/Tis not the turf alone that heaves:/Pity and love her  loss deplore,/Their fav’rite child can fall no more.’/ Also of SUSANNAH/daughter of the above/who  died an infant.                                                        (Slate)

 1 eroded and illegible stone.

B26 Sacred/to the Memory of/WILLIAM BANKS/who departed this life/Octr the 22nd 1858/aged 84 years./  ‘What now is time-life-death-the world to me/I may now answer-ask Eternity.’

B27 In/Memory of/ANN, the wife/of/HENRY BUGG/who died March 14th/1850/aged 51 years./ ‘Think  nothing strange, death happens unto all/My lot’s to do …..ow thine may fall.’           (Slate)

B28 Sacred/to the Memory of/SUSANNAH wife of/JOHN SUMNERS/who departed this life/ December  28th/1838/aged 80 years./ ‘The Lord seeth not as man seeth,/For man looketh on  the outward/  Appearance, but the Lord looketh/On the Heart.’                                          (Slate)

B29 Beneath/lie interred/the earthly remains of/JOHN SUMNERS/who departed this life/on the 24th day of  March/1817/aged 66 years./ ‘Why should we mourn, who from his pains is freed/The best of Christians  both in word and deed,/Compos’d, serene, he reach’d the happy shore,/Where sickness, pain, and  sorrow are no more.’                                                       (Granite)

B30 Large Slate with 3 horizontal inscriptions.
(1)Sacred/to the Memory of/HENRY SUMNERS/who died October 28th 1847/aged 50years/ ‘So teach  us to number our days that we may/Apply our hearts unto wisdom.’  90PS 12VE/
(2)Also of/MARY TURNER/wife of the above/who died Decr 2nd 1882/aged 85 years./
(3)Also of SUSANNA daughter of the above/who died August 13th 1856/aged 13 years./Also 3 of their  children who died infants.

Eroded square stone with inscription on a shield - illegible

B31 Part eroded square stone
…….HENRY WING/who departed this life/March 4. MDCCXCI/…XVII years/…….

B32 Sacred/to the Memory of/FRANCES the wife of/THOMAS WING/who departed this life/ September  the 19th 1813/in the 60th year of her life.     (Slate, ornately shaped & carved with urn at top centre)