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A25 (4) Headstone with two sides of Inscriptions
(Left) In Memory of/JOSEPH WOOD/who died June 11th 1820/aged 82 years/Also of /ALICE his  second wife/who died April 3rd 1822/aged 53 years/ ‘Life is uncertain, death is sure/Sin gives the  wound but/Christ the cure.’
(Right) Here/lieth the body of/ANN the wife of/JOSEPH WOOD/who died August 19th/1794 /in the  52nd year of her age/Also 2 of their children/who died in their infancy.                   (Large Wide Slate)
A26 (5) Here/lyeth interred the body of/MARY ye daughter of/THOS. & MARY BOOTHBY in the Parish  of Braceby/who departed this life/the 2nd of February 1754/in the 22nd year of her age/ ‘The Lord gave/  & the Lord hath taken away/Blessed be the name/of the Lord.’          (Highly decorated Slate)

A27 (6) In Memory of/MR. JOHN WILSON/who departed this life/May6th 1781/aged LVI years / ‘Quis  defiderio fil pudor aut modus/tam chari capitis?’                                      (Decorated Slate)
(7) & (8) Eroded illegible stones with cherubs on top.

A28 In Memory of/Mr BENJAMIN CUMBERLAND/who departed this life July 20th 1775/aged LXX years/  also of MARY his wife/who departed this life April 23rd 1776 aged LXVIII years ‘Requiescat un pace’.                                                                                                                 (Slate)
A29 (Lichen covered Low Coped Stone Tomb)
(South)Sacred/to the Memory of/JOHN CASSWELL/who died March 11th 1862/aged 76.
(North) SARAH, widow of/JOHN CASSWELL/who dies Janry 13th 1861/aged 79 years.

B - Left of gate entrance.
B1 At/the foot of this stone/were lyeth the body of/LOUISA dau. of/THOMAS & SARAH  MOOR/March 23. 1825. 3 years.                                  (Headstone, eroded and barely legible.)

B2 Sacred/to the Memory of/the Reverend/CHRISTOPHER ELLERSHAW/who was several years curate /  of this Parish/who departed this life/on the 29th October 1828/aged 61 years/ ‘How awful when the  soul is summoned by the/Hand of sudden death to leave this toll some scene and stand before its God’  / Also of/ELIZA ANN daughter of the above/who died September 10th 1812/aged 6 years and 5 months                                                     (Large Plain Slate)

B3 To the Memory of/ANN, widow of/the Revd./CHRISTOPHER ELLERSHAW/who departed this life/  on the 20th of June 1847/aged 80 years./ ‘Let morning, noon and night,/With every act proclaim./That  God’s your first, your chief delight/And heaven your highest aim.’                (Large Plain Slate)

B4 In Affectionate/Remembrance of/MARY SHEPHERD/who departed this life/the 5th of April/1879/aged  78 years./ ‘I’ve bid the world a glad farewell./I’ve done with suffering now,/And never more no  passing grief/Shall shade my peaceful brow.’         (Large Slate, top corners with engraved leaf design.)

Double shouldered eroded stone – illegible

B5 Sacred/to/the Memory of/WILLIAM COLLISHAW/who died August 20th/1809/aged 48  years/ ‘Here  all the comforts of this world do end/with the tenderest and kindest friend/A better husband and a  friend sincere/A tender father there never were:/In age completing what his youth began./The noblest  words come not from an indifferent friend;/But from a wife whose love shall never end.’                                                                               (Ornately carved Granite)

B6 Unceremonius Doom/ ‘The thunder clap was heard/the bolt was felt before ‘twas fear’d/ Such was the  will of heav’n.’/Reverence/to the Memory of/MARY the benevolent wife of/WILLIAM GIBSON/who  died suddenly 29th Janry 1831/in the 67th year of her age./ ‘While life and health and youth are in your  power,/Let virtuous actions grace each flying hour:/Then should disease the vital spark dismiss,/A  sudden exit will be sudden bliss’.    (Large Slate with heavily engraved top.)

B7 To/the Memory of/CHRISTOPHER KING/He departed this life/November 4th/1808/aged 65 years./   ‘Praises on tombs are/Vainly spent./A man’s good deeds,/His the best monument’.
(Double shouldered Granite, heavily engraved.)
B8 D.D./1776. (Small Slate)

B9 Here/lieth the body of/ELIZABETH DREWRY, the/wife of WILLIAM DREWRY/who departed  this/  life February the 6th 1761/aged 32 years./By her right side lieth WILLM /and ALICE, son and daugh of/  the above who died in their/minority.                                                          (Slate)

B10 Here/lieth the body of/ELIZABETH third wife of/WILLIAM DREWRY/who departed this life/  December 4th 1797/aged 70 years.
(On the reverse side of this tombstone)
Here/lieth the body of/WILLIAM DREWRY of/Laughton who departed/this life May the 5th 1742/  aged 49 years. /ALICE the wife of/WILLIAM DREWRY died/December the 4th 1758/aged 67 years.                                                                                                                     (Granite)

B11 WILLIAM DREWRY/Gent:/to whose memory this/stone is dedicated/was born the 5th Novr 1724. O:S  /and died the 21st Marh: 1818. N:S/having lived upwards of 95 years. /He was the oldest inhabitant of/  this town for many years pre/ceding his death and was remarkable/ through his life for his integrity,  and a/strict observance of the duties of/his station. / ‘With long life will I satisfy him/And shew him my  salvation.’             (Large Granite stone with design atop)   
B12 Here/lieth the body of/MARY DREWRY second/wife of WILLIAM DREWRY/who departed this life  Sep/tember the 5th 1768/aged 38 years./Also by her left side lies THOMAS son of WILLIAM &  MARY DREWRY, who/died Seper 19th 1768 in his infancy.             (Slate)

B13 In Memory of/SUSANNA daughter of/JOSIAH and ANN STREDDER/who died Nov. 4  MDCCLIX  aged V years/ Also of three others of their/children, who died infants.           (Slate)

B14 Sacred/to/the Memory of/JOSIAH STREDDER/who died August 29th 1827/aged 70 years /Also of/  ANN, the wife of /JOSIAH STREDDER/who died Novr 6th 1818/aged 67 years.
(Slate - inscriptions in two circles.)

B15 Sacred/to the Memory of/CHARLES DIVER/who departed this life/March the 1st/1838/aged 29 years./  ‘Reader, like thee, the prostrate dead I view’d/Whilst in the flesh contain’d./How differ we? Thou’rt on  the road/I’ve reached my journeys end.’                                          (Slate)

Cremations near the church wall.
B16 (1) Precious Memories of the/dearly loved wife of HOWARD/mother & grandmother/ LILIAN ‘LEE’ /  NEW/passed away 1st April 1988/aged 69 years/Also HOWARD/ WILLIAM NEW/passed away 27th  December 2009/aged 90 years.