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A7 Marble Cross on 3 tier Plinth
(1)In Affectionate Remembrance/of/JAMES WARD/born Sep. 2 1806/died Sep. 3 1874/and SARAH  his wife/born July 7 1812/died Nov. 26 1893.
(2) North-HENRY WARD/born June 6 1840/died Dec. 8 1860
(West) GEORGE H WARD/born March 8 1844/died Feb.18 1890/buried at Liverpool
(South) JAMES EDWD. WARD/born Sep.4 1838/died Oct. 8 1877/buried at Horncastle   ‘Thy Will be done’.   

A8 In Loving Memory of/WILLIAM/eldest son of/JAMES and SARAH WARD/born 27th  Feb.1835/died 19th July 1898/ ‘Watch for ye know what/hour your Lord doth come’.
(Domed Stone with I.H.S. in a circle at the top.)

A9 Sacred/to the Memory of/SARAH wife of/THOMAS MITCHELL/who died June 9th 1851 /aged 56  years/ ‘Released, at length, from cares, and lingering pains/Here, peaceful sleep a mother’s love  remains/In faith she lived - in peace she died -/Her husband’s joy, her children’s friend and guide/  Religion’s paths together here they trod/In hope to reign forever with their God’./Also of/ THOMAS  MITCHELL/who died September 10th 1877/aged 84 years.                       (Slate with Engraved top)

A10 In Memory/of/MARY ANN wife of/HENRY MITCHELL/who died/March 6th 1867/aged 33years.                                                                                                                                                                  (Slate)
Large eroded and illegible Stone Chest/Altar Tomb

A11 5 eroded headstones facing south. 1 & 5 are illegible.
(2) In this place/lies the body of/JOHN son of/WILLIAM & ELEANOR TOW/ June 12: 1847 / aged 9.
 (3) In/Memory of/ANN ROBERTS/who departed this life/September 2nd 1829/aged 26 years.
(4) To/the Memory of /THOMAS MIDDLETON/Surgeon & Apothecary/who died May 20th  1823/aged 45 years.

 2 eroded illegible stones.
A12 To the Memory of/MATT NEWHAM/who departed this life/February 17th 1854/aged 70 year

A13 In Affectionate Remembrance/of JOHN THOMAS BAILEY/who died 19th April 1860/ aged 31.                                                                              (Lichen covered Stone Low Coped Tomb)
A14 Stone Cross on Plinth I.H.S. in circle in centre of cross.
(West) In/Loving Memory/of/SUSANNA widow of/JOHN BAILEY/who entered into rest/ February 20th 1888/aged 57 years / ‘The Souls of the righteous and the hand of God’.
(East) In/Loving Memory/of/JOHN BAILEY/who died/August 5th 1833/aged 30 years

A15  Two inscriptions – vertical, side by side. Sword & Anchor at centre top & Banners inscribed    ‘Hope of Salvation’/ ‘Thro’ Christ Our Redeemer.’
(Left) Beneath/lies interred/the body of/JOHN THORPE/who departed this life/January 1st 1784/aged  50 years
(Right) Also/are deposited the/mortal remains/of ANN his wife/she departed this life/February 9th  1785/aged 46 years.
‘They were plain and frugal, but uprightly just/steady in friendship, faithful in each trust/we their  beloved friends lament them for/tho’ firm in hope they’re blessed for evermore.’  (Large Slate)

A16 In/ Affectionate/Remembrance/of/EDWARD TORRINGTON/who died June 13th/1861/aged 76 years/  ‘Beloved in Life as in death lamented.’/ Also of/AMY/wife of the above/who died August 28th 1876/  aged 84 years.                                                                                           (Sculptured Stone)

A17 Sacred/to/the Memory of/JOHN LAWSON/who died August 20th 1826/aged 68 years/ Also of/  PRUDENCE, widow of/JOHN LAWSON/who died Janry 1st 1856/aged 83 years. / ‘As from the earth  and dust we came/And nothing brought at first/So to the earth we must return again/And mingle with  the dust/’Tis God that lifts our comforts high…’             (Slate – Inscriptions in two circles as figure 8)

 Two rows of parallel stones from north to south.
First row of 10 stones (1,3,4,5 & 6 eroded & illegible)
A18 (2) In Memory of/ELIZABETH the wife of/MR JOHN MAPLES/who departed this life July 24th 1783/  aged 23 years/Also of HYDE MAPLES their son, dyed an infant/ ‘Was kind and gentle, endowed with  every grace/Which do adorn and bless connubial life:/Oh greet her ashes with a tender tear./With me  lament the loss of friend & wife.’             (Slate stone with cherub)

A19 (7) In Memory of/JAMES and JANE/infant children of/JOHN and ANN/BAILY/of/this place                   (Thin Slate slab)

A20 (8) In Memory of/ANN, the wife of/M.J.SCOTT, of Keisby:/and daughter of/JOHN and ANN BAILY/  of this place/She departed this life/April 9th 1830/in the 32nd year of her/age/ ‘Blessed are the dead/  which die in the Lord.’                                                                            (Large Slate)

A21 (9) In Memory of/WILLIAM BAILY/who departed this life/July 24th 1838/aged 31 years/ ‘What is  your life? It is even/a vapour that appeareth for a /little time, and then vanisheth away.’   (Large Slate)                                                                                                              

A22 (10) In Memory of/MARTHA BEAN/widow/daughter of/JOHN and ANN BAILY/of this place/ who  departed this life/February 22nd/1846/aged 41 years/ ‘It is the Lord; let him do what/seemeth him  good.’                                                                                           (Large Slate)

 Second row of 8 stones (1 eroded & illegible)
A23 (2) In Memory of/RICHARD MATKIN/who died Seper 7th 1808/aged 45 years/Also of /MARY his  wife/who died Augst 29th 1808/aged 40 years/Likewise/Three Children who/…  (rest below ground)                                                                          (Large Shouldered Slate)

A24 (3) Sacred/to the Memory of/JANE, the daughter of/THOMAS and JANE IZZATT/who departed this  life/February 6th 1836/aged 17 years/ ‘I know that my Redeemer liveth, and that/ He shall stand at the  latter day upon the/earth: and though after my skin worms/Destroy this  body, yet in my flesh shall/I  see God: whom I shall see for myself/and mine eyes shall behold and not another.’  (Large Slate)