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Ch.31 Stone Slab. (floor under tower)
Here/liethe the body of/EDWARD GREENBERRY who departed this life/Dec. 28th 1798/aged 74 yrs.

Ch.32 Oblong Stone Slab with Diamond inset Tablet. (East of organ)
Sacred / to the Memory /of/ SUSANNAH WHITTLE / who departed this life / June 22nd 1839 /age 56

Ch.33 Marble Slab (to R of above)
E.C. / 1839

Ch.34 [Brass plaque on bench]
This seat was set here/in loving memory of/Dr & Mrs RES TURNER/who lie nearby; by their  sons/SIMON and JEREMY 1st June 1986

Ch.35 [Brass plaque in porch]
At the end of his year of/office as Chairman of/the first Parish Council of/FALKINGHAM/JAMES SCARBROUGH/gave this notice board to/FALKINGHAM CHURCH/April 15th 1896

Inscriptions on Outside Walls
Ch.36 [North side of West door]
Near / this place / lieth interred / the body of / GEORGE COOPER / who died Sept. 8th 1798 / aged 54  years / Also of JANE his wife / who died April 13th / 1814 / aged 72 years.
                      (Oval Slate Tablet)
Ch.37 [North of Ch. on base of West tower]
Near / this place / lie the remains / of / JOHN COOPER / who died February 17th 1761 / aged 60 years /  Also of SUSANNAH his wife / who died August 27th 1773 / aged 65 years / Also JOHN son of the  above / who died an infant. / Also ELIZABETH daughter of GEORGE and MARY COOPER / who  died an infant         (Slate Tablet)

Ch.38 [Between South porch and West tower]
To the / Memory of / JOHN BAILY / who departed this life / December 6th 1839 / in the 66th year of  his age / Also of ANN relict of / JOHN BAILY / who died November 15th / 1854 / aged 81 years.
              (Marble Tablet set in Oval Stone)

Ch.39 [One above the other at South base of West tower]
Near this place lies / the body of JOHN LACEY / who departed this life / May 16th 1681
(central one-eroded and illegible)
Also lies the body of / MARY the wife of  JOHN / LACEY and WILLIAM BAILY / near to this place  she / departed this life on Oct. / 8th and in the year / of our Lord 1707.
               (Three Stone Memorials)

Inscriptions in the Churchyard
A - South Wall of Church.

2 eroded Apex headstones – illegible.
Stone Celtic Cross on Plinth – eroded and illegible.
A1 Small domed stone – E.C./1855

A2 3 Small domed stones – J.H./1836  S.H./1842  B.H./1857

A3 (Headstone) – JAMES COLLINS of  London.

A4 [Leaning against the Church Wall]
In Memory/of PEREGRINE son/of JOHN & ELIZTH WATSON/he died June the 10th 1772/aged 14 /  Also of ELIZABETH their/daughter who died Novbr./the 12th 1771 aged 7/ ‘Let streams of sorrow flow  from all your eyes/For here indeed unsullied virtue lies/When  death relentless gives ye fatal blow./   Youth stands for nothing, beauty’s but a show.’                                  (Large Slate Engraved Headstone)

A5 [Leaning against the Church Wall]  Two vertical inscriptions
Underneath/lie interred the remains of/
(Left) JOHN WATSON / he was born / the 4th of June 1759 / and died / 12th Sept.1796 / ‘Reader who  e’re thou art/To lie here after, be thy/constant care.’
 (Right) This stone is also / inscribed / to the Memory of / MARTHA / relict of / JOHN WATSON /she  died/May 6th 1853/in the 88th year of her/age/and was buried at Prestwold, Leicestershire/ ‘And even to  hoar hairs will I carry you’. Isaiah 46-4.
(Large Slate Engraved Headstone with Urn top centre & Scrolls)

A6 In/a vault/under/this slab/lies the body/of/ELIZTH. BLOMFIELD /1854.
(Flat, Slate slab on stone.)
3 Eroded & Illegible stones 2 upright & 1 horizontal