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Inscriptions Inside the Church  [Clockwise from entrance]

Ch.1 Here/lyeth the body of GEORGE SUTTON/who departed this life September/the 14th 1740 aged 61  years/ Also lyeth the body/of ANN the wife of GEORGE SUTTON/who departed this life /Septr  the  17th 1715 aged 40 years/ Also ANN their daughter/who died 12th Feb. 1700 aged 43 years.
                    (Carved Marble Slab)

Ch.2 WILLIAM LANE / FRANCIS DAWKINS / Church Wardens/170  (Small Stone Tablet)

Ch.3 This marble is erected as a token of filial respect/to perpetuate the memory of / BENJAMIN SMITH  ESQre. /who died 27th January 1807 / aged seventy-five years / Also sacred to the Memory of /  ELIZABETH relict of the above / who was released from suffering / (born with exemplary patience) /  the 6th of May 1820 aged 78 years              (Marble Tablet in Three Layers)

Ch.4 A Tribute/of Affectionate/attachment/to the Memory of/the Revd. EDWARD SMITH /who died the  17th of February 1813 / aged 33 years /His short life was marked by a consistency/of conduct rarely  surpassed / by Truth and Sincerity / by the purest Piety / by the most active Benevolence.
         (Stone Tablet - Carved Urn atop)

Ch.5 This Monument / is piously erected / by his affectionate widow / to the Memory of / DANIEL  DOUGLAS Esq. / who having exemplaraly discharge / with uncommon ability / the social and actives  duties of Life / eminently distinguished / for his friendly disposition, love of Peace and Harmony /  finished his course here / much regretted / August the 10th 1793
                    (Stone Tablet - Coat of Arms atop)

Ch.6 Here rest / the hope of a joyful Resurrection / on the last day / MARY the daughter of / JOHN and  MARY EASTLAND / on September 1st 1786 aetat 2 years and 10 months / FRANCIS the son of /  JOHN and MARY EASTLAND on Dec. 16th 1811 aetat 17 years / JOHN EASTLAND / ob. April 11th  1815 aetat 75 years / ELIZABETH the daughter of JOHN and MARY EASTLAND on May 30th 1815  aetat 23 years / MARY the daughter of JOHN and MARY EASTLAND / ob. November 13th 1824 aetat  38 years / MARY relict of JOHN EASTLAND / ob. September 22nd 1831 aetat 80 years.
        (Marble tablet on Slate mount - Carved Lamp atop)

Ch.7 In Loving Memory of / THOMAS WATSON / who entered into rest Oct. 12th 1902 at the age of 75  years / and of / ELIZABETH WATSON his wife / who departed this life on May 7th 1902 at the age of  74 years / This tablet is erected as a Memorial to their many years / disinterested kindness to the  members of the / Methodist Churches in the Bourne Circuit / They were connected with this Church for  nearly forty years / ‘The Memory of the Just is Blessed’.  (Brass Tablet on Wood mount)

Ch.8 [In Memorial Chapel North side of nave]        In Grateful / Remembrance of these / Men of Folkingham / who gave their lives in / Service of their  Country / 1914-1918./ A.J. BLUNDY M.M. (Lincoln) / J.H. HEATH-COTE BRADLEY (W. Yorks.)  C. CRESSWELL (Lincoln) / H. S. FARROW (Royal Fusiliers) /J. MARVIN (Lincoln) / N. PATMAN  (Lincoln) / G. RUDKIN N.C. (Lt. Machine Corps.) H. SHEFFIELD (Lincoln). /    THEIR NAME LIVETH FOREVER MORE.  (Wooden Plaque with Raised Lettering)    
Hand written and hanging on right of plaque.
Pray for those who have/gone from this Parish to/serve our king and country/by land and sea and air.
First World War 1914-1918
Arthur G. ARNOLD/ Ernest BLAGG/ Joseph BLUNDY/ Samuel BLUNDY/ Samuel BLUNT/ C.T.H.  BRADLEY/ John H. BRADLEY/ Joseph P. BRANNIGAN/ Walter CAULTON/ Cyril CHAMBERS/  Joseph CHAMBERS/ Robert CLARK/ William CLARK/ John COX/ Charles CRESSWELL/ Harry  CRESSWELL/ Robert CRESSWELL/ Robert DAIRY/ Frank DRURY/ Herbert FARROW/ Louis  FARROW/ William Reginald FARROW/ Frederick C GREAVES/ Tom GREEN/ George W GREY/  William HARE/Fred HOLLINGSWORTH/ William HOOD/ James Albert HUNT/ Charles KELHAM/  Arthur KEY/ Albert KING/ Alfred KING/ Thomas LILLEY/ John LINDSEY/ Percy MARTIN/ John  MARVIN/ Robert Kendall MARVIN/ Walter Henry MARVIN/ William MARVIN/ Herbert  PATMAN/ Leonard PATMAN/ William PATMAN/ Christopher PEPLOE/ Alfred Bertie PILE/    David PILE/ Harry PILE/ Ernest PLOWRIGHT/ James PROCTOR/ ARTHUR RANDALL/   Jack RIMINGTON/ Eric ROSE/ George William ROUSE/ George RUDKIN/ Donald SCARGALL/  Harry SHEFFIELD/ William SHEFFIELD/ George  SHINN/ Walter STAMP /Charles STEELE /  James THOMPSON/ Harry THORPE/ JOHN WILLIAM TURNER/ Victor UPTON/ Thomas  WHATTON/ James WHITE/ George WILEMAN/ Charles WILKINSON/ Edward WYLES.
Those Who Gave Their Lives
A. JOSEPH BLUNDY (Lincolnshire Regiment) / JOHN H.HEATHCOTE BRADLEY (West  Yorkshire Regiment)  CHARLES CRESSWELL (Lincolnshire Regiment) / HERBERT S FARROW  (Royal Fusiliers) / JOHN MARVIN (Lincolnshire Regiment) / WILLIAM PATMAN (Lincolnshire  Regiment) / GEORGE RUDKIN MC (Lt.)(Machine Gunner Corps.) / HARRY SHEFFIELD   (Lincolnshire Regiment)

Second World War  1939-1945
Reginald ANDREWS / Ernest BAKER / Doris BODDY / Hilda BODDY / Ida BODDY / John  BODDY / Ernest BOYFIELD / John BREWSTER / Peter CARTER / Ronald CAVELL / Cyril  CHAMBERS / Jesse COLEMAN / Fred DAWSON / John DAWSON / John DOWSE / George  GARNER / Edward HEATH / Richard HEATH / Charles HOBSON / Harry HOBSON / Alfred  KELHAM / John KELHAM / William KELHAM / Fred KING / John KING / Norman NEAL /  Kenneth PEARSON / Joan PILE / William  PILE / Arthur RANDALL / Roland RANDALL /  Edward REDSHAW / Aylwin  SAMPSON / Desmond SAMPSON / Nellie SANDALL / Doris  SCATCHER / George SMITH / Frances TUXWORH / Philip TUXWORTH / Roy TUXWORTH /  Joan TURNER / Hubert TYLER / George WARD.
  EDWARD SANDALL  killed  Sicily  -  1943

Ch.9 (1) LUCY BRADLEY / daughter of the Revd. T HEATHCOTE / Vicar of Lenton and Squire of  Folkingham / For 16 years she gave loyal voluntary work / as Organist to Folkingham Church 1918- 1934 / and passed away on Christmas morn 1939 / this tablet is placed to her Beloved Memory / by her  husband and son / CUTHBERT BRADLEY, Churchwarden from 1898 / and C.T. HEATHCOTE  BRADLEY, conductor / of the Church Bells.       (2) CUTHBERT EDWARD BRADLEY / Artist & Author / entered into rest 25th Nov. 1941 / eldest  son of the Revd. EDWARD BRADLEY / sometime Vicar of Lenton / a faithful worshipper in this  church for / many years. He held the office of Churchwarden for this Parish for 43 years / 1898-1941 /  this tablet is placed to his Beloved Memory / by his son C.T.H. BRADLEY.    (3) This plaque is placed / to the Beloved Memory of / CUTHBERT THOMAS HEATHCOTE  (COTY) BRADLEY / who died on the / 7th February 1972 / Conductor of the Bell-ringers / Keeper of  the Tower / 1924-1968 and for / many years Churchwarden.      (4) This Organ was built by Mr. J. PORRIT / Leicester. Was presented to the / Church by Miss KATE  CARTER and / her friends 17th June 1886 / Rector : GEO. CARTER. Church-wardens : ED. J.  GRUMMITT / JOHN CHAMBERS              (Four Brass Plaques fixed to Organ)
Ch.10 [North wall of Sanctuary]
Sacred to the Memory of / ELIZABETH / the Beloved daughter of the late / ISAAC MASON COOK- SON / and ELIZABETH his wife / who departed this life / the 31st day of May 1839 / in the 15th year of  her age / Also of / ELIZABETH wife of / ISAAC MASON COOKSON / who died December 23rd  1855 / aged 60 years.

Ch.11  [East end of North Sanctuary wall]
To the Memory of / the Revd. ISAAC COOKSON Snr. / Vicar of Osbournby, Helpringham / and  Walcott, in the county of / Lincoln and Master of the Free / Grammar School in this place / He departed  this life February/the 23rd 1784 age at 57/ Also of ANN his wife/who died May the 7th 1781/age at 54.
                    (Slate Tablet)
Ch.12 [East end of South chancel wall above piscine]
Near / this place / lyeth the body of / Revd. RICHARD TOTTER / M.A. / who departed this life / 12th  of January 1752 / aged 53 years / Blessed are the dead which / die in the Lord.        (Marble Plaque)