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iNotes found on the first/back pages of Folkingham Parish Church Registers.
General Register 1584-1682 PAR/1/1 (back page)
Mem. That upon the 28th day of October 1663 being Sunday an excommunication was published against Joseph …son of Falkingham for Intimacy. It was restored.
Mem. That upon the 28th day of February in the year of our Lord 1663 being excommunicate this visitation with Inhibition published against Edward Doards? for Intimacy. The said Edward Doards? was a soldier under the late usurper Cromwell and was sometime billeted in this Parish. From the time of his being billeted gave & begat a bastard thereof ye body of Mary Ellit of this Parish as the said Mary Ellit affirmed.
Mem. That upon the 2nd day of July in the year of our Lord 1665 an excommunication was published against John Bernard of Falkingham for Intimacy in not appearing upon citation.
Mem. That upon the 22nd day of June in the year of our Lord 1667 was an excommunication against John Bernard published.
It was Octob. 14. 1667 at the visitation was held at ….. by the Right Worshipfull Doctor Cowley Archdeacon of Lincoln.
Roger Galyard            Hugh Drury
General Register 1709-1763 PAR/1/3 (front page)
Mem.   1858
Falkingham Church was restored in 1858 under the superintendence of the Revd H Spurrier, curate and a vestry committee, viz. by re-pewing and other general repairs.
Architects Bill   £821-7-7
Organ Enlargmt   £50-0-0
Underground Stove etc.  £30-0-0
West Window (stained)  £90-0-0 (by Ward & Hughs, London)
Other Windows (repair)  £40-0-0   =   £1031-7-7
Re-opened by the Bishop of Lincoln Nov. 10th same year
In 1858 the font was removed from the North East corner of the middle aisle to its present site nave. There was found beneath it on removal, an octagonal stone, the remains of a former font (date supposed 1100) 3ft in diameter, 5 inches thick, bored through the centre, and with sculptured figures all round the stone from the hip downwards, in a kneeling attitude. The interior of the tower, with its beautiful groined arch was then again shown and made useful; up to that time it having been used as a closed belfry; the ground floor beneath and the same width of North and South aisles as a vestry and schoolroom. – Then again in 1860 owing to a pillar of the Nave giving way, the whole had to be taken down, also two thirds of the North wall and rebuilt. On the removal of the plaster a doorway was discovered over the Rood Screen having an entrance from the North Aisle steps – also another doorway leading from the interior of the Church to the Porch Chamber which had up to this time been entered from the porch which door was then built up, also on the North wall two handsome niches, the centre bearing a carved Lily in a Vase painted in red, black and gold, supposed to have originally contained the Marble Statues of the Virgin & Patron Saint of the Church, as fragments were found beneath the floor; viz. a portion of the side-face and back of the head of the Virgin. A Coat of Arms & Ten Commandments were removed from over the Rood Screen, it had a painted and gilt scroll upon it. The old Norman Arch in the Chancel was reopened. Mr J Ward gave two hundred pounds for the East stained window in the Chancel and for other decorative purposes to be applied during this 2nd restoration which cost upwards of £1000.