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Where ever you find a group of ringers there will be a wide cross section of people, young and old,  men and women and girls and boys, church goers and non church goers.  Bell ringing demands an acquired skill  and not as commonly believed outright strength.

There are over 5,000 towers in England  with rings of between 3 and 12 bells and several with more than 12.

Countrywide, towers are looking to recruit more ringers so why not give it a try.         

It is good fun, you will meet other people and often end up with a nice social drink in the pub afterwards. There is always the opportunity to visit other towers, meet more people and perhaps ring something different and widen ones experience.  If you are interested we practice on a Tuesday evening and ring for Sunday services, weddings and sometimes national or international occasions.  Your contacts are:-

                         Alan Morris  01529 497407                                                                                                                                                                                            

                         Once the basic skill of bell handling is attained  ringers can then set their own sights on the level of complexity they wish to achieve.


Who Rings Bells ?