The Airfield

Although there had previously been a decoy airfield at Folkingham the main airfield was not completed until 1943. It had 3 runways, the longest being 2,000 yards and there were also hangers, a gym, watch offices etc. as well as a church, cinema, recreation room, N.A.A.F.I .and mess rooms.

The airfield was used by the US 9th Army Air Force under the 52nd Troop Carrier Wing. The Unit had Douglas Dakota C-47 transport aircraft which on D-Day and for Operation Market Garden were used to transport paratroops and to tow American built Waco C G-4A Gliders. The CG-4A could carry 13 troopers and their equipment plus pilot and Co-Pilot. In March 1945 the airfield was equipped with Curtis C-46 Commando Transports and trials were held using British built Airspeed Horsa Gliders. These were larger and therefore could carry more paratroops.

After the war the airfield was used as a R.A.F. maintenance facility, accommodation for people made homeless by the war, a testing ground for B.R.M racing cars and finally as a cold war missile base housing Thor missiles before reverting back to farmland.

The Painting depicts Douglas C-47s towing Waco Gliders over Folkingham on the way to the D-Day landings.

Paratroopers at Folkingham Airfield Video

Folkingham Airfield Video D-Day - 4